Rahul Gandhi’s career is based on fake news: Says Nadda

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Jagat Prakash Nadda attacked Karachi, accusing the interim president of the Congress Sonia Gandhi and former Congress president Rahul Gandhi of fabricating fabricated and false news and said that Rahul Gandhi’s career is based only on news. On Monday, Nadda took a dig at Rahul Gandhi, tweeting one after the other. He said that this happens when the ‘Prince of incompetence’ shares an article...Read more

How to Make Fake Aadhaar Card in 2 Minutes

When we feel bore and want to do some foolishness or just want to tease our friends then we need to do something. Making a fake ID proof is one of the best thing to tease and entertain your friends. Today, we are going to tell you how to make Fake ID Proofs , like fake Aadhar cards, voters cards, Pan card and much more. As we all know today,...Read more

Know the Cost of Helicopter and How to Buy it ?

If you have thought ever to buy a Helicopter then you must know the Cost of a Helicopter. You have seen Helicopter in movies and in t.v. You have even wished to roam in Helicopter or you have already roamed in Helicopter. But do you know what would be the cost of a Helicopter. Many times it happened that people do not see Helicopter and many people travelled everyday by...Read more

Mahendra Singh Dhoni said Goodbye to International Cricket..

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has said goodbye to international cricket. Dhoni has announced his retirement through official social media. Dhoni has already said goodbye to Test cricket. He shared a video, which featured Mukesh singing the song, ‘Main Pal Do Pal ka Shire hu,’ in the background. Dhoni has said goodbye to international cricket with this song. He played his last international match in July last year. India...Read more

Subhash Chandra Bose army “Azad Hind Fauj” 450 Soldiers record found..

On the Independence day, Azad Hind Fauj’s 450 soldiers record have been public. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose made this Fauj against Britisher to get freedom. These soldiers played a great role in the freedom of India. Till now 450 soldiers record found and the record will be send to government. The families of hundreds of freedom fighters in Haryana do not even know that their ancestors had ever fought for...Read more

Pm Modi: May Announce Population Control Bill on Independence Day..

Pm Modi may Announce, Population Control Bill on Independence day 15th August 2020 On the occassion of Independence Day, Pm Modi may announce Population Control Bill. India Population is increasing day by day. Big Population is great issue for the nation. As Big Population may create many danger situation for the public of India. Pm Modi has advised many times on this issue earlier in his speech that Population Control...Read more

Boycott All Muslim Actors and Their Movie and Save many Hindu Actors like Sushant Singh Rajput

In India, Bollywood actors are spreading nepotism in the industry. It has been notice many time that bollywood muslim actors are making fun of Hindu Religion. They make fun of our Hindu God and Goddess. They demoralised Hindu Dharm, they demoralised Hindu actors and actress. Bollywood Muslim actors demoralised Sushant Singh Rajpot as well. Muslim actors are only promoting islamic movies in the bollywood. In the movie P.K, actor Amir...Read more

Independence Day History and Importance in Our Life..

15th August is happily celebrated as Independence Day in India. On this day, India got independence from 200 years of British rule. Independence Day is the day that reminds us of the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. This freedom that India got was very important for us and for the future generation, because the heroes of the country sacrificed their lives for this and fought a lot. Due to the...Read more

If there is ‘Modi’ then it is possible.

A Swedish news magazine wrote – The US came to know as soon as the F16 was launched. America was angry with its use on India. But at that time it was also necessary to save Pakistan from the anger of India. Because as soon as one of the pilots of India went to Pakistan, India prepared the Bramhos missiles for big action. The plan was that Pakistan Air Force...Read more

Muslim Crowd Created Terror in Bangalore, similiar to Delhi Violence..

Again Muslim Crowd has create terror and violence in Bangalore as similiar to Delhi Terror. On Tuesday night, hundreds of Muslim people staged a rampage and set fire to the DJ Haali police station. They set ablaze many policemen and private vehicles. They did burn the house of MLA Murthy and his sister. Muslim crowd even burned many ATM machine in the city. Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant said...Read more