Getting traffic on website is very important. Without traffic on your website, your site is like useless or no one knows it. If you have not visitors on your site, then you can not generate income through your site.

Hence, If you have tried every thing, still not getting good amount of traffic on your website.

Then try the right proven ways we have mentioned you below. Definitely you will get unlimited traffic.

how to increase website traffic

1. Focus on SEO (search engine optimization )

Getting traffic on website, SEO plays a vital role. If you do not focus on SEO, it means your are not repairing your website for google rank.

Hence to rank or increase traffic on website, apply right ways of SEO and see the best result.

Best Seo Technique to drive traffic on your website.

2. Answer Quesetions on Quora

Quora website get 2.1 million visitors per day. Use Quora for increasing website traffic. Answer questions on Quora and put your questions as well. This way you can drive good traffic on your website.

3. SlideShare Site has 70 million user per day. Hence this is good medium of driving traffic on your website. Post every day on SlideShare Website.

Power point presentation helps to rank your website fast. It will help you to get good traffic.

4. Use High Quality Infographics

This is a great way to increase traffic on your website by simply using high quality infographics. You can find many examples on the internet.

Quality infographics catches the eyes of audience and they make a visit to your website. This is way you can achieve good traffic on your website.

5. Create Unique Images

The next thing is to increase website traffic is to use Unique Images in your website. Unique Images are great way to impress your audience and create better experience for the users.

Hence always try to use Unique Images in your website post.

6. Use Social Media

Now a days, Social Media is great source to increase visitors on your website. Social Media has much more potential to deliver traffic on your site.

Proper use of Social media will defenetily make you happy and will provide you desired result of unlimited traffic on your website.

List of the Social Media Sites – Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Mix, Pinterest and etc.

7. Create Email List

To increase visitors or traffic on your website is creating email list. Hence include email subscription button on your website and make a list and send them your next updated post.

It will bring you good result in driving previous customers to your website.

8. Start Guest Posting to Increase Traffic

Guest Posting is a good method to increase traffic. Search for guest

posting sites and post your article. If your find it relavent to their

work, defenietly they will visit your site.

9. Comment on Other Blog

The next step I recommend you to make a comment on other blog in your

nitche. While commenting on other blog, always leave your website name

and URL of your site.

10. Increase Traffic from Qna Website

Being serious to increase traffic on your website is good thing. Search

for Qna Website and double or tripple traffic on your website.

Closing Lines:-

So now, you have got the idea of some proven ways to increase traffic on your website. These are the best ways, I increased traffic on my website and do generate income.

You can use these source as well and increase traffic. If you like the article, then please share it, it will help us to serve you better in future.

Thank you again for reading the article.

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