A men in Hyderabad, has designed a car that has shape of corona virus. The men stated, he made this shape of vehicle to spread awareness among people about the fetal infection of virus.Car in shape of cororna virus

A local vehicle gallery proprietor in the city of Hyderabad has made a vehicle, which resembles the novel coronavirus to spread awareness among the individuals about the lethal disease.

This one-seater vehicle has a 100CC motor with the ability to run around 40-km.

Sudhakar, who possesses Sudha Car’s historical center, stated: “It has a 100CC motor. It’s a four-wheeler single-seater vehicle. It can easily travel out up to 40-km. It took us ten days to set up this model. I trust we can spread mindfulness and cause individuals to comprehend to remain inside.”

“Tomorrow we are revealing the coronavirus formed vehicle. It will go on the streets of Hyderabad to spread awareness and teach the individuals about the peril of the sickness. Ideally, individuals will understand,” included Sudhakar.

He added, “I am known for making wacky vehicles on different events. Prior I made condom bicycle to spread mindfulness on AIDS, protective cap vehicle for head security, cigarette bicycle to stop the propensity. Presently I have made crown molded vehicle,”.

Originally posted 2020-04-29 17:56:12.

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