Scarcely 125 kilometers from Mumbai, a little town in Maharashtra’s Palghar region has detailed a terrible instance of crowd killing; three Sadh’s, including a 70-year-elderly person, were assaulted and killed on Thursday night. By the clothes of Sadhu’s it is clear that they were belongs to Hindu.

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Stunning visuals show furious inhabitants of Gadchinchale town, equipped with sticks and stones, wild and assaulting a police group as they attempt to reestablish request and salvage the 70-year-elderly person and the two others. Two of those murdered are sadhus, the third was the driver of the vehicle they were going in.

In one of a few recordings of the ambush a man can be heard yelling “Oye, isko maro (Hey, hit him)” and the 70-year-old casualty can be seen, encompassed by an outfitted crowd and draining gravely from his head, asking for his life as cops attempt to control the circumstance.

On this horrible ocassion, Naga Sadhu’s has apeal to unite all Hindu’s and Sadhu’s on killing 3 sadhu’s brutely. for more see videos.

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