A man who does not know himself

Rahul Gandhi is not having the skills to become a manager in any organization, then how we may think he can rule the country well. If an interview is conducted,He can not crack the clerk level test, he even cannot clear the managerial level interview. He may not get an executive job, if there is no word available Gandhi available behind his name.

I am surprised to see people, who want him to be the Prime Minister of India, as he does have even the single skills of even speaking. He does not know what to speak, when to speak, even after reading the notes.

There are always many people surrounding him and guiding him, even then can he not deliver his speech well. I think people who want him to be the Prime Minister, are the foolish people wearing the hat of intelligence, but wearing the hat of naming intelligency, would not make them as written on hat.

I think, people who want Rahul Gandhi, to be the Prime Minister, are the people who do not want India to grow and develop. These people are just want their personal benefit. They do not think about the nation and for the people of country. I think, these are people having the intention to ruin the country. We must imagine their behavior and intentions should take a proper action for the growth of our Nation.

Most of the time, Rahul Gandhi, say against the government, against the Prime Minister Modi, that Chowkidar Chor hai, Maut Ka Saudagar, etc. Why Rahul Gandhi does not think that Mr. Narender Modi is not an individual person today, he is the Prime Minister of India, he has been choosen to become Prime Minister by the people India.

Why no one from Congress teach Rahul Gandhi some manner & eticatte, as he is using wrong words against the Prime Minister and against the people of India, as Mr. Narender Modi is choosen by people of India, to be the voice of India and to guide the nation.

I think Rahul Gandhi, should know about Gandhi family and after that he should go against Narender Modi. There are many scams, many riots, many terriorist attacks, many murders, many rapes has taken place in the time of Congress. If he talk about scams taken place- Bofors Scam, Submarine Scam, Jeep Scam, AgustaWestland Scam, 2g Scam, Common wealth scam, Coal Scam, etc. List of scam are high, these are just few names. Hence I think Rahul Gandhi should control his tongue and should be shamefull for the loss they have done to nation.

Originally posted 2020-05-03 13:43:11.

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