Not only the Mahabharata, but the Adiguru of the world’s biggest villains.
You might think this word is strange, but this is the truth. There were violent and vile characters in the world, but Duryodhana was the first unique villain in the world.
Was he a more dangerous warrior than Ravana?
Was he a greater savage than Khalifa Omar who burned the library of Alexandria?
Was he a killer like Muslim emperors like Timur Ghaznavi and Aurangzeb ..?
No, he was not even around these villains in these vampiric qualities, but he had an art that confused not only the people of that era but also the sages and kings who were masters of politics.
He was adept at portraying himself as a victim despite being grossly unjust and sadistic.
He was adept at forging false natives.
This art of his not only covered up his barbaric works and sins, but in turn proved the Pandavas to be almost unrighteous.
-Bharat dynasty had the tradition of giving the kingdom to the fittest prince and proved to the general public that he was only getting the punishment of his father’s blindness.

  • He cunningly presented the incident in Mayamahal by telling a complete lie by Draupadi saying ‘son of the blind’ while Draupadi did not say anything like that.
    He created a lakshgriha and put forward Shakuni not to prove himself as an accused.
  • He commanded the Pandavas to play gaming through Dhritarashtra and under ‘Dutta Maryada’ forced him to stake the Pandavas and Draupadi and proved Yudhishthira as a ‘gambler’ in front of the world.
    -Find his ability to create a fake neoretive, by proving that he proved to be a spoof of the rules of war on Krishna, while from the princely white to Abhimanyu’s murder to Arjuna and Bhima killing these single warriors respectively. Invaded the entire revolting armies and the armies of Kalingaraj’s elephants.
    In spite of being unjust and sinful in the world, the person and the people who represent themselves as Victim are extremely devious and horrifyingly dangerous and in this sense Duryodhana was ten times more dangerous than the villains mentioned above.
    Could the Pandavas win the war?
    There was no question if Krishna was not there.
  • And what if today 200 million Duryodhana comes as one brain, one voice and one unit?
  • Just look around you, they are present around you.
  • They broke temples for eight hundred years, burned libraries, sold women naked in the open markets after being raped but they successfully established that they were living with Amno love with their Hindu neighbors.
    They voted in favor of Pakistan almost 100 percent in 1946 and after the creation of Pakistan successfully imposed Narrative on Hindus that due to the constitution they decided to stay in India even though the Constitution came into force three years after Partition. .
    They participated in the Khilafat Movement in favor of the Turkish Khalifa due to his religious belief in India’s freedom struggle, but Narrative thus co-participated in India’s independence.
  • From Sir Syed Ahmed Shah to Jinnah, they kept playing at the British dock but successfully put a slip of apology on Savarkar’s forehead.
    They did not listen to one thing in spite of all the flatteries of Gandhi in his life and considered Jinnah to be their leader but questions Godse first.
    Despite the ninety percent terrorist incidents in the world, they successfully establish that there is no religion of terrorism, but through proven Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit, Hindus form the neigbours of terrorism.
    Accidental death in the beating of the stalker Akhlaq and Chor Tabrez makes the neigbouring bastion of Moblinching but the painful deaths of Chandan Gupta and Nirah Bharat Yadav prove to be a normal occurrence.

-Mahakaal express naming and its Shubhagaman symbol as a neverending threat of secularism on the reservation of a berth and religiously performing the Victim on stopping the Dargah on the platform, Namaz on the roads and erecting the mosque at the railway station .
How will you fight these organized misconceptions?
There is just one way,
only one,
.Only one,
Boycott their economic.
Boycott their livelihoods.
Break their thighs on Terriorism.

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