Twitter may be banned in India

India Government may ban Twitter for not obeying GOI rules.

Let me explain you that after the controversial hashtag was launched against PM Modi amidst the farmer movement, orders were issued by the Indian government to suspend some accounts on Twitter.

After that, Twitter suspended those accounts, but later those accounts became active again.

Now on behalf of the Government of India, Twitter has been told that they should follow the orders of the Government of India, otherwise legal action will be taken against them.

Violation of government orders may have to be done

The notice states that Twitter is a mediator and is bound to follow the government’s directive. If Twitter violates the orders of the rules, Twitter is inviting legal action for itself.

The notice issued by the Ministry of Electronics and IT stated that Twitter has led the campaign to abuse, incite and create tension in the society on unproven grounds.

The ministry also said that abetment to genocide is not freedom of speech, but a threat to law and order. Twitter has unilaterally unblocked accounts and tweets despite government orders.

Different reactions of people are coming to see the trend of Twitter ban. Some are angry about how Twitter can disobey Government of India.

People in India have demanded to ban it. Are doing and trending the hashtags #TwitterBan and #TwitterBanInIndia on Twitter itself.

Troubles have also increased for Twitter because the Ministry of Electronics and IT has also issued a notice to Twitter seeking clarification on the matter.

In the notice, the ministry has described it as a ‘mistake’. It also called it a deliberate attempt to undermine the will of India’s reputation.

What to do if Twitter Got Ban

If India Government do ban the twitter, then what to do. In that case, people can use the Indian App Tooter. This is an Indian App, people can switch to this app. This is much similar to Twitter App. People can use all the fuctions same as in twitter.

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