If you are you are searching for the best blogging applications to deal with your websites, blogs, emails and social media? 

Blogging with Smartphone is developing quickly. This is true that there are more than 10.5 billion people around the world using smartphones for their work.

20 best android app for blogging

You must know the truth that, China, India, and the United States are the best three nations with the most noteworthy number of cell phone users.

If anyone use the smartphones and eager to know the best useful app for blogging, this post is only written for these people to keep in mind or to help them . 

Here are going to discuss about the necessary apps that can assist you with blogging, traffic examination, efficiency, web-based social networking, crowd building and so on. 

Hence, get ready, As we are describing in details..

10. Best mobile apps usefull for blogging.

#1. Canva App

There is no doubt that Canva is the BEST visual design application that could be utilized as a logo creator and picture editor. It is very easy and simple for you to use and create beautiful images. 

Why we are suggesting to use Canva App?

In case you’re hoping to make engaging pictures (it may be a logo, included picture for your blog posts or banners), Canva is the best picture altering tool for you. In case you’re not using your PC, Still you can utilize the Canva application and could make extraordinary images for your blog or website. 

We are mentioning highlights of Canva app:

  •  You may use the the Canva App to design beautiful website logo, banner, social media icons or poster, etc. Really it is very easy on Canva App.
  • Canva App help you by providing free templates designed by professional, which could be edited easily and applied on your blog.
  •  Canva App provide free access to use, You can design anything the way you like.
  • This App provide you access to use free access.

Most importantly, its easy to share your pictures on Instagram, WhatsApp, email and saving the design you made is available as well.

How to donload Canva App

#2. WordPress

You must know that the WordPress stage is powered by over 40% of all sites across the web? Really, WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System) on the planet which is utilized by a large number of people around the world. 

How you can utilize the WordPress App? 

If you want to create best content, alter your blog comments, save substance in drafts or blog in a hurry, WordPress application is certainly a great useful for you. This is the best application to create or write blog posts as well.

 I am describing the valuable highlights of the WordPress app. 

  •  You may publish blog posts or pages in a hurry 
  •  You may add photographs, recordings from your gallery
  •  You can answer to the new comments 
  • You may check your site’s details in real-time 
  •  You’ll get notifications about remarks, likes, new followers etc as you can remain updated with your blog client’s commitment 
  • you may investigate many  great topics by tags, which WordPress has to offer for you.

#3. Blogger

Making blog on Blogger is absolutely free by Google. Many people who do not have money to invest or to buy domain & hosting, starts their journey of blogging with the Blogger platform. Blogger is very easy and simple to use.You simply need a Google account to start a free blog on Blogger. 

How to use the Blogger application?

If you have started a Blogger blog and want to create your blog posts with the help of mobile, then you must use the Blogger application. I am writing down some of the needful advantages of using the Blogger application.

  • If you use Blogger, then Blogger has option to publish post immediately or to save in draft.
  • By using the Blogger, it is very easy and simple to edit existing blog post.
  • In case you have more than one blogs on Blogger, it is easy to switch account/blog whenever you wish.
  • Blogger platform has the capacity to insert pictures from the your system or gallery.
  • Blogger platform has options to add labels on your post.
Below is the link to download app

#4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is property of Google, it is offered free of cost by Google. It is a tool to analysis or monitor web traffic or click we received on our website. With the help of Google Analytics we can see all the details, as website top performing pages, total number of users, sessions, bounce rate and much more.

Google analytic tools, Rision Digital

How to use and install Google Analytics?

In case you’re a website traffic geek who regularly needs to check traffic reports, traffic drops or spikes, you must use Google Analytics application. You could login with your Google account to utilize Google Analytics application. 

I am writing down some helpful features of this app. 

  • In Google Analytics tool, you can manage or see real-time traffic of your website.
  • Google Analytics tool, will help you to sessions, bounce rates, users and new users and much more at one place. 
  • This Analytic app, will help you to see an overview of your website traffic.
  • This tool will help you to compare data ranges and applying segments.

How to download Google Analytic

#5. YouTube Studio app

With the help of YouTube Studio app it is easy to deal all YouTube channels. In case you want to run a YouTube channel or wishing to start, you must install and use the app.

How useful is YouTube Studio App

Why we are suggesting to use this app

You must know about the essence of Youtube, if you know well about Blogging. With the help of YouTube you can build you audience, and may grow business, traffic and so on.
With the help of YouTube Studio app, it is easy to track every single activity from Youtube subscriber to video views on you cell.  In case,  you’ve access to the YouTube Studio application, you can follow everything from supporters of video sees on your cell phone.

I am writing some great features of this application. 
  • Youtube Studio app help you to track your YouTube channel impressions, clicks and new viewers.
  • This app help you to filter and react to your YouTube video comments 
  • If something significant occurs, it notify you immediately 
  • This app help you to update YouTube channel video subtleties,titles thumbnail pictures, calendar dates and monetization settings.
  • This app have option to make and update your YouTube account profile
Here you may find link to download the app

#6. Buffer

One of the best social media app for blogger is Buffer. With the help of Buffer app, it is very easy to publish your content on all social media plateforms, it may include as,Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

Why it is useful to install buffer

Buffer is best app to use, if you want to grow your social media performance or want to schedule social media post ahead of time.

I am describing some features of app:

  • Buffer app help you to schedule your post in advance.
  • Buffer app can be helpful in analyzing social media posts, like web matrix, clicks on website,etc.
  • Buffer app give you option for free plan, in free plan you may manage more than 1 social accounts and create more than 9 posts easy day.
How to download the Buffer app

#7. Pocket app

Pocket app is one of the best productivity app. This app help you to save online videos, web pages, articles and you may use the content later.(This app earlier known as Read It Later).

Why you need to use Pocket app?

If you are working as a blogger or marketers, you come across many information like, News, Videos, Articles, etc. For anyone it is difficult to remember all the information. In that case, you can use Pocket app and can read the information later.

I am writing some advantages of this app;

  • Pocket app help you in downloading minimum version of an article, video, blog post or anything you wish, This app help you to read that information later.
  • Pocket app provide you option to convert any article, blog, story into audio version. You may listen the audio even while travelling or working.
  • Pocket app give you option to read all the thing even if you are offline.
  • Pocket app offer option to save file from anywhere.

#8. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager is the property of Facebook. This app help you to post content on your pages, replying to comments and even deal with your Facebook page ad campaigns. 

Why you need to use Facebook Pages Manager app? 

Facebook Pages Manager app is very useful and easy to use, if you are planning to manager your facebook page with mobile.

I am describing some features of this app;

  • This app help you to post whatever you like on your Fb pages, with the help of Mobile.
  • This app makes it very easy to reply all the comments you get on your fb pages.
  • You can plan your posts to publish later or in advance 
  • You can deal with your FB ads (make promotions, stop them, alter them, etc) 
  • You can connect both your FB and Instagram accounts to deal with all the messages, and remarks on your posts.

How to download the app;

#9. Quora.

Quora is considered no.1 website of the world. Quora provide you platform where inquiries are posed and answered by users. Quora has more than 200 million active yours worldwide.

How Quora is useful? 

If you are run a blog or you work involve social media activity, in this case you require a platform to create your audience, traffic on you blog, then Quora is best place to build your network.

On Quora platform you may answer any questions as per your wish and could link your blog in the post, as it create a high quality traffic.

Here are some more advantages of utilizing this application. 

  • You may post an inquiry and find solution
  • Quora provide you option to write answers for other inquiries.
  • Quora helps you to follow topics and space.
  • Quora helps you to see all your details and get notices.

Where to download this app

#10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the property of Facebook. it is the best and free messaging app. it has billions of users all over the world. It is considered great android app for blogging. More than 5 billion users have download it by Play Store, it is a history in itself.

what is the need to use WhatsApp? 

If you want to creat audience for your blog or website. This app will help you to invite your Twitter followers, Faceboook group members, etc to join your WhatsApp group. It help you to communicate everyday with your audience. 

Here are the highlights of this app;

  • WhatsApp is free to use for everyone
  • This app help you to send and get video, images, archives and Voice Messages
  • This app offer option to call by WhatsApp , You may call to anyone for any interest.
  • WhatsApp help you to chat in group with your friends. It help you to stay connected with you friends.

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