Population Control bill passed
Modi brings Population Control bill in

The Rajya Sabha has introduced the Population Control Act which calls for a constitutional amendment.

A private member bill has been introduced in the Rajya Sabha in the Upper House of Parliament regarding the Population Control Act which has been a part of the debate in the country for a long time. The bill seeks to make an amendment to the constitution in relation to population control measures.

The bill seeks to amend the Constitution to create a provision to discourage people from raising their family and encourage them to limit their family to only two children.A bill brought by Shiv Sena MP Anil Desai proposes to amend the constitution which incorporates Article 47A

What is Article 47A of the Constitution

The state will promote the norms of small family by encouraging tax, employment, education etc. to those who limit their family to two children. While the state will withdraw each of those facilities which will not follow the norms of small family.
Things said on the reason for bringing the bill. “The population explosion will cause many problems for our generations to come. We should be concerned about the population explosion.

Central as well as state governments should initiate plans to deal with this. There is an excessive burden on our natural resources. The growth rate of any country is directly related to the population of the country. Overpopulation is exploited on natural resources like air, water, land, forest etc. Today, there is a greater need to have a stronger control over the growth of our population. ”Population control bill introduced in Rajya Sabha, provision for limited family of 2 children!

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