Construction of the grand Ram temple will begin on August 5 after 500 years. Hindu temple will be a symbol of Shakti, a grand temple of Ramlala in Ayodhya.Lord Ram Temple Rebuild

Historical example of repositioning the shrine broken by Islamic invaders in the history of the world

The construction of the grand temple of Lord Rama will begin in Ayodhya on 5 August.

Prime Minister of India and Karsevak Shri Narendra Modi, who has been associated with the Ram Janmabhoomi movement for many years, will start the construction of the grand Ram temple.

With this, the process of justice for Ramlala’s temple which was destroyed 500 years ago by Babar’s commander Mirbanki, will be completed.

Tulsidas ji wrote these four-footed with utmost pain, about the demolition of the Ram temple..


मंत्र उपनिषद ब्राह्मनहुँ बहु पुरान इतिहास। जवन जराये रोष भरि, करि तुलसी परिहास॥

सिखा सूत्र से हीन करि, बल ते हिन्दू लोग। भमरि भगाये देश ते, तुलसी कठिन कुजोग॥

बाबर बर्बर आइके, कर लीन्हे करवाल। हने पचारि-पचारि जन, तुलसी काल कराल॥

सम्बत सर वसु बान नभ, ग्रीष्म ऋतु अनुमानि। तुलसी अवधहिं जड़ जवन, अनरथ किए अनखानि॥

राम जनम महिं मंदिरहिं, तोरि मसीत बनाय।जवहि बहु हिन्दुन हते, तुलसी कीन्ही हाय॥

दल्यो मीरबाकी अवध, मन्दिर रामसमाज। तुलसी रोवत हृदय हति, त्राहि-त्राहि रघुराज॥

राम जनम मंदिर जहाँ, लसत अवध के बीच। तुलसी रची मसीत तहँ, मीरबाकी खल नीच॥

रामायन घरि घन्ट जहँ, श्रुति पुरान उपखान। तुलसी जवन अजान तहँ, कियो कुरान अजान॥

मन्त्र उपनिषद ब्राह्मनहुँ बहु पुरान इतिहास । जवन जराये रोष भरि करि तुलसी परिहास ॥

Shri Tulsidas Ji says that the Yavanas, filled with anger, burned many mantras (samhita), Upanishads, Brahmanas (which are part of the Vedas) and Puranas and historical texts.

सिखा सूत्र से हीन करि बल ते हिन्दू लोग ।
भमरि भगाये देश ते तुलसी कठिन कुजोग ॥

Shri Tulsidas ji says that by deviating from the crest (peak) and yagyopavit of Hindus, he was driven away from his native country by dehumanizing them.

बाबर बर्बर आइके कर लीन्हे करवाल ।
हने पचारि पचारि जन तुलसी काल कराल ॥

Mr. Tulsidas ji says that the barbaric barber with sword in hand came and killed the people in a daunting manner. This time was very fierce.

सम्बत सर वसु बान नभ ग्रीष्म ऋतू अनुमानि ।
तुलसी अवधहिं जड़ जवन अनरथ किय अनखानि ॥
इस दोहा में ज्योतिषीय काल गणना में अंक दायें से बाईं ओर लिखे जाते थे, सर (शर) = 5, वसु = 8, बान (बाण) = 5, नभ = 1 अर्थात विक्रम सम्वत 1585 और विक्रम सम्वत में से 57 वर्ष घटा देने से ईस्वी सन 1528 आता है।)
Mr. Tulsidas ji says that Samvat 1585 Vikrami (AD 1528) supposedly committed an indefinite disaster in the summer months in Awadh. (Inexplicable).

राम जनम महि मंदरहिं,तोरि मसीत बनाय ।
जवहिं बहुत हिन्दू हते,तुलसी कीन्ही हाय ॥

By destroying the temple of Janmabhoomi, they built a mosque. At the same time, he killed many Hindus at a high speed. Thinking this, Tulsidas was upset.

दल्यो मीरबाकी अवध मन्दिर राम समाज ।
तुलसी रोवत ह्रदय हति त्राहि त्राहि रघुराज ॥

Mirbaki destroyed the temple and Ramsamaj (idols of Rama Darbar). While praying for protection from Rama, Vidhirna heart-hearted cried.

राम जनम मन्दिर जहाँ तसत अवध के बीच ।
तुलसी रची मसीत तहँ मीरबकी खल नीच ॥

Tulsidas ji says that Neem Meerbaki built a mosque in the middle of Ayodhya where there was a Ram temple.

रामायन घरि घट जहाँ,श्रुति पुरान उपखान ।
तुलसी जवन अजान तँह,करत कुरान अज़ान ॥

Shri Tulsidas Ji says that where there were discourses related to Ramayana, Shruti, Vedas, Puranas, bells, gharial were played, there were Quran and Azan of ignorant people.

Now it became clear that in this composition of Goswami Tulsidas Ji, Janmabhoomi demolition is described in detail!

The struggle to rebuild the Ram temple has been going on continuously for 500 years and the Jagrat Hindu society has been pledging from generation to generation that one day the land of the temple of Lord Rama Lala should be taken back and the grand Ram temple should be built there.

After many bloody conflicts and protracted legal battles, after 500 years, Hindu society has taken back this land.

This temple of Lord Rama will be known as a symbol of the unique resolving power of Hindu society and the fake people having “all will be remembered” will have alesson that the awakened Hindu society has remembered all for 500 years.

The reconstruction of Ram temple by Babar in the hands of Narendra Modi will be remembered for ages as a memorable event in the history of modern world.

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