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Know the facts & reality of Indian Warriors..

Vietnam is a small country in the world, which straddled a big country like America. America was defeated in a war lasting nearly twenty years.

After the conquest of America, a question was asked by the head of Vietnam to a journalist. It is obvious that the question will be how did you win the war or tilt America?

But you will be surprised to hear the answer given to that question and your chest will also be filled with pride.

Read the answer given-

In order to defeat America, the most powerful country in all the countries, I read the character of a great and excellent Indian king and we easily conquered using the inspiration and war strategy from that biography.

The journalist further asked: “Who was that great king?”

Friends, as I read, my chest became proudly wide. Your chest will also be filled with pride.

The President of Vietnam stood up and replied: “He was Maharana Pratap Singh, the Maharaja of Mewar in Rajasthan, India.”

He had a heroic glow in his eyes while taking the name of Maharana Pratap.

He further said:
“If such a king were born in our country, we would have ruled the whole world.”

After a few years that head of the state died, then know what he wrote on his tomb …
“This is the tomb of a divotee/disciple of Maharana Pratap”

Later, the Foreign Minister of Vietnam visited India. According to the pre-planned work, he was first shown the Red Fort and later the tomb of Gandhiji.

Showing and visiting all this, he asked: “Where is the tomb of Maharana Pratap, the Maharaja of Mewar?”

Then the Indian government officials were surprised and they mentioned Udaipur there.

The Foreign Minister of Vietnam went to Udaipur, where he saw the tomb of Maharana Pratap.

After seeing the Samadhi, he picked up the soil near the Samadhi and filled it in his bag, on which the journalist asked the reason for keeping the soil.

The Foreign Minister said:

“This soil belongs to the knights. In this soil a great king was born, I will mix this soil in the soil of my country …”

“So that my country also has such heroes. This king of mine should not be proud of India but should be proud of the whole world.”

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