Let us know what are China’s App, at present, China is considered to be the largest exporting country in the world. There will hardly be any country where products of Chinese companies are not available.List of Chinese apps banned in India

This is the reason why our neighboring country, China, has emerged as the world’s second largest economic superpower after America. But this country is often in the discussion due to some other things. Like this country keeps arguing the border with all its neighbors and the latest example of this is our India.

Recently there was a violent clash between the Indian and Chinese Army in which about 20 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed.
China’s technology companies are operating in most countries of the world, but China has banned many foreign companies in its own country. Which includes the names of big companies like Google and Facebook. China believes that this foreign company’s App can steal the data of the user of their country.

But this country is doing data theft itself. So far, many intelligence agency reports have come in which it has been said that China is stealing the data of people of most countries of the world including India through their apps. Which he can use for cyber crime.

For a long time, the intelligence agency had been warning the Indian government that some Chinese App was storing the data of the people of India and sending them to China. And ever since Indian soldiers have been attacked, the demand of China to ban apps had increased a lot. Given this, the Government of India has finally decided to ban the app.

India has banned 59 apps from China which include popular apps like Tik Tok, UC Browser. In all of these, Tik Tok company has suffered the most due to its crores of users in India. According to a report, 10 percent of Tik Tok’s earnings went from India. In such a situation, their company will suffer a lot due to its loss, so let’s tell you the list of Ban China Apps in India.List of banned Chinese apps in India

The Ministry of Information Technology has banned 59 Apps in China under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act (IT Act). Whose list you can see above, although information has not yet been revealed whether they have been permanently or temporarily banned.

So now you must know which are the App of China, although there are some such apps in which you may have heard for the first time. But according to the government, all these apps were sending Indian logo data to China.

By the way, many users will also want to know what China will do with this data. So tell you that whenever you use an app, it stores your data regarding your mobile permission. And in the coming time, China can use this data for cyber crime, this is the reason why the Indian government had to ban these apps.

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