PM Narendra Modi and Google CEO Sundar Pichai on July 13 had conversations on a wide scope of issues, for example, information security and worries around protection, utilization of innovation to change lives of farmers and approaches to extend the extent of online instruction, the Prime Minister’s Office said.Pm Modi meets Sunder Pichai to deal with data security

During the virtual communication, they likewise talked about the new work culture that is developing in the hours of COVID-19.

“We discussed regarding the problems and difficulties the worldwide pandemic has brought to the people of India, for example, sports. We likewise discussed the significance of information security and digital wellbeing,” the Prime Minister said in a progression of tweets.

As per an announcement gave by the PMO, Mr. Modi additionally discussed further utilizing innovation in giving healthcare services.

Information security and protection

Over the span of association, the Prime Minister examined the issue of information security and worries around protection.

“PM Modi advised that tech companies should invest in amounts of energy to connect the trust shortage. He additionally discussed cybercrimes and dangers as cyber attacks,” the announcement said.

The Prime Minister discussed farmers profiting by innovation and the conceivable wide-extending advantages of man-made consciousness in agriculture.

The Prime Minister investigated the possibility of virtual labs that can be utilized by understudies just as ranchers, the announcement said.

“Today, PM Modi had an amazingly productive cooperation with Sundar Pichai. We talked on a wide scope of subjects, especially utilizing the intensity of innovation to change the lives of India’s ranchers, adolescents and business visionaries,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr. Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet Inc. what’s more, its auxiliary Google LLC.

Improving agriculture
Mr. Modi valued the proactive pretended by Google in fighting deception and passing on data about essential safety measures with respect to the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister commented that India is among the most open economies on the planet. He likewise talked about ongoing advances taken by the legislature towards transforming agribusiness. Mr. Modi additionally talked about the crusade to make new openings, while likewise featuring the significance of re-skilling.

Different territories of conversation included innovative answers for grow the extent of online instruction, access to innovation in local language, utilization of AR/VR (expanded reality and computer generated reality) to give an arena like review involvement with the field of sports, and progress in the zone of computerized installments, the announcement said.

Mr. Pichai advised the Prime Minister about new items and activities by Google in the nation. He referenced about the dispatch of AI Research Lab in Bengaluru, while likewise featuring the advantages of Google’s flood determining endeavors.

The Prime Minister was advised about Google’s arrangement to dispatch an enormous venture subsidize and create key organizations in India.

Mr. Pichai later declared India Digitization Fund to put ₹75,000 crore in the nation throughout the following 5-7 years.

As per the announcement, Mr. Pichai said that the “solid advance” of lock down started by the Prime Minister set up a “solid establishment of India’s fight against the pandemic”.

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