In this article, you will know best Indian App that replace TikTok.
As we all know that Indian government has banned 59 apps of Chinese company due to user data security reasons. Which also includes popular apps like Tiktok, UC Browser and Likee.
This app was so popular in India that it had crores of users who gave their company by earning billion of dollars. In all of these, most Indian users liked the Tick Talk app, according to a report TikTok alone had 22 crore users in India. Since then Indians have been searching for alternatives to these apps.Top 5 indian apps for making video

However, except for some popular apps in China, all were useless. After their ban, several Indian companies have come up which are offering their options. As such, Jio has introduced Jio browser as an alternative to UC Browser. Similarly, many Indian apps like TikTok have come.
Which you will come to know in this post. If you want to know all the 59 Ban App options in China. So by searching in Google you can find their alternative, after this you can use whatever you like.

If you too were a TikTok user and you want to use an Indian app instead. So in this post, we are going to tell you the Top 5 Made In India App in the category of short video sharing. There are millions of users. Many TikTok users are using these Indian applications now, so let’s know about them.

#1. Chingari – Original Indian App

First on this list is the Chingari App which is becoming increasingly popular. If you also want daily new WhatsApp status, then the best option is Chingari App in it you will get viral videos from all over the world. Apart from this, there is also an option to play games, from which you can earn money.

The Play Store has over 10 million downloads within a few weeks. At the same time, if its rating is seen, it is rated 4.0 by the user. According to their developer, around 10 thousand creators are making and posting videos in it. If you want to download an Indian app like Tik Tok now, click here.

#2. Roposo – India’s own video app

Second in the list is the Roposo app, which is the best alternative to Tik Tok. If you are a creator, you can post your short video in it. A lot of popular creators have now come to Roposo, so you can also join it, there are many features in it for the user.
For example, if you only want to watch comedy videos, then you can select the category of comedy in it. After this, you will be shown all the videos of comedy, this feature was not seen in the Tik Tok App. If you want to download this app now, then click here and install it, this is the link of play store.

Roposo has so far received 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store and is rapidly growing to 100 million. Talking about its rating, it has got a very good rating of 4.2 in the Play Store. Their company does not share your data with anyone, so you can use it without any problem.

#3. Moj – Short Video App

If you also use the Internet, then you must have heard about the Sharechat app. This is an app that has been giving tough competition to China’s apps from the very beginning. When Tik tok was banned in India, the team of ShareChat has launched a new application similar to this Moj. Which is getting quite good response so far.

If you are also fond of watching short videos, then you should try using their Moj App. It has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store. While in the Play Store it has been given a great rating of 4.4 by the user. If you want to install it now, you can click here.

#4. Bolo Indya – Original India App

In this app you can make and watch short videos, this is also a Made in India app. Which is produced by SynergyByte Media Pvt Ltd. As you also know that many languages ​​are spoken in India. In such a situation, you can also select your language in this application, this will make it easier for you to use it.

If you want to download it now, you can click here. This is a link to the Play Store which will take you to its download page. In the Play Store, it has downloaded 1 million users so far, while this app has been given a very good rating of 4.2 by its user.

#5. Josh – Made in India App

If you read online news then you must have seen Daliyhunt’s website and its app. May be you will also use it because Dailyhunt is among the top applications in India in News Apps. Recently they have launched their own short video sharing Tik Tok like Josh app which they are promoting online everywhere.

Since this field has a new app right now, not many people know it yet. So far, about 100K people have downloaded it in the Play Store, while it has an average rating of 3.8. If you want to download it now, you can install it by clicking here.

So now you must have known that Indian App like TikTok which is its top 5 list, Roposo is the most popular and oldest app among them all. His parent company is Glance, which has been created by three Indian students of IIT Delhi. Apart from this, there are more apps in the list which are becoming increasingly popular. So hope that you will like the information about apps like Tik Tok in this post.

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