As the people of all country are suffering from Corona Virus, in the meanwhile, a new virus (Tick Borne Virus) has emereged in East China’s Jiangsu Province. The fatel news about this virus is that it can transmit from one body to another body.Tick boune Virus

Symptoms of this virs is high level of fever. More than 38 people have been found with high fever Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS) this year. The disease caused by the novel bunyavirus, spreaded by ticks.
Earlier it was assumed that this virus may be transmitted from infected animials to people via blood and wounds. Experts has warned to people about the bad effect of this virus.

What is tick bite or Tick Virus

Ticks are small insects normally found out of the house in the grass, tree and on the leaf of trees. Ticks also found on pets bodies like cats and dogs, buffellow, cow and etc. When these small insects bite the skin it is known as Tick Bite. Bite of these insects are not so harmfull normally and do not display any symptoms as well. But these small insects may carry and transfer fatel disease and infestions. One such infection found is named as LYME disease.

Precautions to this virus

All the people infected with this virus shoud avoid going into grass areas like bushes and planted areas, So that contact does not happen from these small insects.

What we know about this virus

The Tick Virus was found in 2009, in Central China’s Henan. It has fatel effect on human body. This Tick Virus has high effect on people with old aged. No vaccine or medications has been discovered for this virus, therefore infected people has only one option that is to die. Hence we must be aware and should follow precautions.

In the month of July, the virus has caused five deaths in East China. More than 22 people were admitted in hospital due to this virus.
Therefore be aware and precaution from this Tick borne Virus.

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