An Anti- CAA Protester Rahat Indouri died of a heart attack on Tuesday. He was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital in Indore on Monday after being corona positive. He also had a problem with sugar and heart.Rahat Indori Died from Corona Virus

Earlier he prayed of bad health for Amit Shah, He prayed Amit Shah shoul not recover from covid-19. Rahat Indori has also taken part in Anti-CAA Protest. These kind of people earn from india and sing for Pakistan.

Our Governemnt should take strict action on people who eat and earn in India and sing for Pakistan. These kind of people should be banned from India. These people should be thrown out from India.

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We Indian People should not feel any sorrow on death of these kind of people. These people live in India, but in the heart they have Pakistan. These are anti-Indian people we should boycott such kind of people and the people of follow these people.

Many Bollywood Sylabs also expressed grief on his death and said that you will be missed a lot. Many people posted their poets. These Bollywood people are the same people who did not said a word on the death of SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT, Divya Bharti and many more.

We should boycott the bollywood sylabs who post a word against Hindusm, and the people who post against our God. We should boycott people who make fun of our God.

Rahat Indauri said- Do not call
After being corona positive, Dr. Indauri had told people on social media to pray that I should defeat this disease as soon as possible. He made another request to the people not to call them or the people of the house. His well-being will continue to be found on Twitter and Facebook. But he does not that this is final call, he is receiving from God.

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