Neetu Kapoor has also agreed to this post of Anupam by posting a thumbs up emoji. At the same time, the fans praised this poem, saying that the best, the most beautiful lines so far.Anupam Khair shared a poem

After the outbreak of Corona virus in Anupam Kher’s family, the actor is once again present with his beautiful and inspiring posts. Anupam has shared a beautiful poem in his latest post. In this, he has beautifully presented the difference between humans. Neetu Kapoor has reacted to this post of hers.

In the video, Anupam is seen describing the difference between humans. Here are some lyrics of poetry- ‘फर्क सिर्फ इतना है…सभी इंसान हैं मगर फर्क सिर्फ इतना है…कुछ जख्म देते हैं और कुछ जख्म भरते हैं…हमसफर सभी हैं मगर फर्क सिर्फ इतना है…कुछ साथ चलते हैं कुछ साथ छोड़ देते हैं…प्यार सभी करते हैं…मगर फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कुछ जान देते हैं कुछ जान लेते हैं…दोस्ती सभी करते हैं…मगर फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कुछ दोस्ती निभाते हैं कुछ दोस्ती आजमाते हैं…’ At the end of the video, they are also asking people whether they have said it right or not.

Neetu Kapoor reacted like this

Neetu Kapoor has also agreed on this post by posting a thumbs up emoji. At the same time, fans have praised his poetry. One fan said – I liked your expression and body language. Another user wrote- Fantastic … The most beautiful lines so far … Love you Anupam Kher ji. Some other fans have also praised Anupam’s post.

Let me tell you that Anupam’s mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece were found to be Corona positive. After this, Anupam continuously shared his family’s health update with fans on social media. Now his mother has returned from the hospital, beating Corona. In such a situation, Anupam has also returned to his normal routine.

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