If you do not market your product or service, how public will know about your good product or service? Hence to make public aware about your great product or services, it is important to have a website or app and it also important to promote your product, service and website.Best way to drive traffic by Twitter

The best way to promote your product or service is to use social media. Twitter is one of the best social media platform to drive traffic for your product and services. But you must know how to use twitter to promote your product, services or website. I am describing below some best way to drive traffic and promote your product.

Best 10 ways to drive traffic throught Twitter

1. Write Intriguing Quote from Post

Provide good taste of post to your followers. write an intriguing quote with your article. Write a good concise quote and provide a flavor of great content of your post.

Twitter has more users and you can drive users on your website through your post. You can get good amount of traffic by posting regularly on twitter. Hence make a habit to post regularly.

2. Write Interesting article

Write an interesting article in your post. If you have good interesting article and it engage your followers, then they will sure visit your website. This way you may drive your followers to your website. This way you may generate good amount of traffic on your blog or website.

Interesting content will make two way communication between you and with your audience. It will help your audience to visit your blog or website. This way you may drive good traffic on your blog.

3. Write #Hashtags in your post

Using of Hashtags in your post will help you in spreading your tweets to various topics. Use of Hashtags related to your post is a great way to drive traffic on your blog or website.Drive Traffic easily through Twitter

Use Hashtags wisely and drive traffic on your website. Hashtags have been in use for many years on twitter. It is an easy way to make your post viral on twitter and will help you in drive traffic on your website.

4. Tag Your friends

Tag your friends on your twitter post. The post will appear to them easily. Thus, Tagging will help them review and comment on your post.

Your friends and users may tweets and retweets you on your post. If your post is related to their search, they will sure visit your post and website. This way you may drive good traffic on your blog or website.

5. Use a great Appealing Images

An appealing and good looking Image will attract more users than compared to normal image. Hence use great appealing image in your post that will drive users to your blog.

While attaching an image keep in mind that it relates to your content. Usually images related to content are great source of driving traffic on your blog. Hence always link a good looking image in your post.

6. Promote your Tweets

Promoting your Tweets is a great way to viral your post to public. Promoting tweets will appear to a wide range of audience. All the users who see your tweets may tweet back to you. Thus it will involve more crowd on your tweets and users may visit your blog or website.

Always attach a link in your promoting tweets, it will broadcast your tweets to Twitter users and they may visit your site or blog, if they find it related to their need.

7. Write Blog or Web link in Bio

Always include your blog or website link in your Bio. People who like your post will visit your profile. So keeping your web link or blog link in your twiiter profile, will drive them to click on your web link.

Hence the link will drive them to your website, they can search more on your website and could engage with your product or service.

8. Always use Short and Provocative Tweets

Writing short tweet or title look great in appearance. Hence always try to write short provocative tweets. Short posts, tweets and title catch the eyes of users.

Short tweets and title does not waste time of users and help them read it quick.Hence if users find your post title easy to ready, it will drive them on your blog or web, if it is related to their search or need.

9. Use Twitter Wisely

This is the users who make any social networking site successful, it apply to Twitter as well. So if you want to drive good amount of traffic on your blog or site, You must know to use twitter wisely.
Using twitter wisely means interact with your followers like a human being. Help them to know you more as a real user. Drive your audience to like your interest or tweet a content of your public interest. When users find interest in your tweet or post, surely they will be clicking on your website.

10. Use GIFs

While writing about your post on twitter, use Gif file as well. GIFs are very short type of clips and made with images. Using GIFs file is the good way to attract attention of users on social media.

Most GIFs file are animated and our eyes like to love movement. GIFs file size is not as heavy as video, so GIFs take little time to load. While posting GIFs file keep its size as low as possible.

Ending Post

Now, I think you have got the ideas of how to drive traffic through Twitter. Use Twitter as wisely as possible and drive traffic on your website and increase sell of your product or services.

Originally posted 2020-07-28 20:57:12.

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