In Facebook Photo, 100+ likes comments are very difficult, if you want lots of likes in your photo, then we are going to tell you the way through which you can get 1000+ unlimited likes in any of your photos or links.Increase 1000+ Like and Comments on FB Page

Many such apps have come in the Internet, in which you can like the way you like in your own Facebook photo after logging in with your Facebook account.

The method is very simple, all you have to do is download an app from the Internet called “Machine Liker”. The size of this app is also very less. If you download the app for the first time from the Internet and install it, then you will have to make some settings in the mobile. Only after this setting can you install the app.

How to do mobile settings

The first is to go to the security settings of the mobile, after which scroll down and right click on Unknown Sources. After this setting you can install any app from internet.

If you want automatic likes on your Facebook photo, then you have to make the privacy of your account public so that in addition to your friends, you can also like Public on your post. So for this you have to go to the setting of Facebook, then go to the account setting. Then scroll down and click on public post or followers. Apart from this, in all the settings, remove from friends of friends and set public.

How to get the likes of comments from Machine liker
This is an app that gives the likes and comments you want on your Facebook photo and it does not even have a limit. Like this, there are many apps in the internet, when you search in the internet, many apps will come, but in all the apps you have to log in with your Facebook account first. Only then can you like it. This app gives 100 likes at a time.

Once you get 100 like, then you have to close this app. If second time your want 100 then you need to open this app again and get 100 like done again. So in this way, by opening the app again and again, you can get the likes you want in your facebook post. This app also gives comments, so you can also get the comments you want.

First of all, you have to search and download MACHINE LIKER from Google. After that it has to be installed. Then open it and log in with your Facebook account. Once logged in, you will see the image below.Get 1000+ Like and Comments on FB Photo

If you want to like on your photo, click on Liker, if you want comment, click on comment or if you want a reaction, then click on Reaction. After this your photo will come, after that you will like on any of your photos, click on submit. Some time your likes will start appearing in your photo.

So Now, You have got idea how to increase Like and Comments in your FB Page. For more please read our other post and comment if you like our post or not.

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