Now a days, most of the people are suffering from some kind of illness in the world. To get the treatment for that illness. People walk to hospitals to consultant with doctors. How Private Hospitals making more money from patient

As we talk about in India, People choose to go private hospitals rather than Government Hospitals, as Government hospitals are full of patient or Government doctors delay the process of treatment. Hence patient are left with only one option to go Private Hospitals.

Private Hospitals charge the patient high. Private Hospitals does not follow any guideline. Their aim is to loot the patient’s money. Even if a person is suffering with normal fever, Only for the treatment of Normal Fever, Private Hospitals charge a good amount from the patient. Private Hospitals ask the patient to get done many kind of Test, and all the Test are chargeable. They make a bill of good amount, and it is very difficult for the patient to bear or pay the bill.

I am describing some kind of charge Private Hospitals impose (not to be imposed) on Patient.

First we talk about the Bed Charge

When a patient is admitted to Private Hospitals, then he is charged for “Bed Charge”,. My concern is that Bed is made only once. Total cost of the bed would be around 3000 to 10000, and this is one time investment.

Then why every time and every patient is charged for same Bed Charge. I think we should raise a voice against this injustice happening with patient.

A Test Name As Ultrasound

When a patient goes in Private Hospital for Ultrasound. The Cost of Ultrasound in Private Hospital is around 700 Rs. I think this is very expensive for patient to bear the cost of amount 700. Our Government should take a strict action against the hospitals who are taking high charge.

Because, Hospitals are for the good health of people and not to loot the people. Our Government should make the fix price for all TESTS. If any Private Hospital charge more than the fixed price, a strict action should be taken against that hospital.

Check-ups to Loot Money

When a patient admitted in Private Hospital. He is charged for many body check-ups or many kind health Test, even those check-up are not necessary but the Tests are done to make the patient’s bill heavy.

I think this an injustice on patient’s pocket. This is how Private Hospitals are looting money form ill health person. Private Hospital’s doctors does not even feel shy or shame as the patient is also human and looting patient’s money is not justice with the patient.

A Medicine Name FourDerm

FourDerm Cream is a very good cream. The genuine cost of this medicine is only 30 Rs. But it has the print of Rs.100, so when you buy this medicine, you will be charged as Rs. 100. Medicine companies looting people by high price tag on medicine

The concern is why a patient is made fool everytime, from going private hospitals to buying medicine from private medicals. Why our governemnt does not take a strict action against the company who print more the than value on medicine.

Finishing line…

Written above are the few examples of how a patient is looted in private hospitals. Private Doctors and Private Medicals has planned a lot on how to loot people suffering from health problem. Our Governemnt should make a list of all the TESTS done for body check-up and price should be fixed. So that any hospital could not charge more than the fixed price.

Hospitals are to provide good health service to patients and to make the world’s people fit. But instead of providing good health tips, they are looting patient’s money.

  • Many people dies because of not having so much money to pay for the bills of private hospitals.
  • Many patient dies as they do not have money for the treatment.
  • Many people suffer whole life after taking treatment from Private Hospitals as they repay the loan, they had taken for treatment.

Friends, this is our country, this is our world, We are human, we should always take a step to make life easier and better for ourselves and for others as well. We as a Doctor, Teacher, Policeman, Helper or anyone we are, we should always help each other to spread happiness.
As we know, Human is the best creation of God on this earth.

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