Best way to find details through image. You can easily search any person details by his/her image. It is as easy as searching and surfing on google.

Let us know today how to extract the details of any photo
If you have such a photo that you do not know about and you want to get its details, then the best way to do this is Google. How to search details of any image

Till date, you have been searching for information by writing text on Google and extracting information. But let us tell you that there is also an option to search images in Google. What most people are not aware of. With this, you can learn about a person or a person by uploading a picture of an animal or an object.

Many times we get such photos from social media or other mediums, about which we are not aware. But today technology has made so much progress that you can find out details of someone’s photo like Name Address etc. It is as easy as searching on the Internet about something normal. However, after searching an image in it, you have to make some settings in your phone. Only after which you get the option of picture searching, then the information of how to remove these is given below.

Suppose we have a photo of a boy or girl that we have found on social media like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Now we have no information other than his photo. In such a situation, we should search on the Internet. If there are any details about it in the internet, then we will know it through Google.find details of any photo

The process we are going to describe here is named Google Image Search Tool. If you know about this tool, then with the help of this you can easily find out about someone’s image. So to use this tool, you have to follow the steps given below.

How to get details of any photo

  1. So to remove the Detail of the photo, first you have to do Chrome browser on desktop mode in your mobile. So that everything starts working like a computer.
  2. After this you have to search by typing in the search box. And open their image search engine, if you want, you can also access this search tool from here.
  3. Google Image Search Tool will look something like this to you. Click on the camera icon to remove the details of the photo.
  4. You get two options for searching the image.
    Copy and paste the URL of the first image here
    Second upload the photo from your gallery
  5. In most cases, the second option is useful for uploading, so you also have to click on the upload option. by this
    Your computer or mobile gallery will open.
  6. Click on any photo you want to find on the gallery.
  7. Once the image is uploaded, its details will appear in front of you as you can see in the screenshot.

You have seen how easy it is to get the details of a photo. It only takes a few seconds and Google helps you in this. As we all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world in which you search by writing or speaking text. In its result, Google shows you the main three types of categories such as text, video and image.

So now you must know how to remove the details of any photo, if you also need information about an image, you can use Google Image Search Tool. This is the best and free way to know about a picture. Although even today there are many people who do not know about this feature of Google but this post will prove to be helpful for them.

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