Is it Suicide or Murdder? As many death case has come within last six months. Now the Bhojpur Film actress Anupama Pathak found dead at her home in Mumbai. Police said on Friday.Actress Anupama Pathak found dead at her home..

Anupama Pathak was a good actress in his acting. She is basically from from Bihar and has come to Mumbai. She had done many role in Bhojpuri films and she had taken part in many tv shows as well.

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One day before her death, she shared a Facebook Video and said in the video about the trust issues in the behavior of friends and relatives. Hence she advised not trust anyone.

It is assumed that she did suicide and a suicide note has been found near her dead body.
As per her facebook post “BYE BYE, GOOD NIGHT, was the last word she posted on Facebook. It is assumed that she was upsate as she was going through financial problems and there is not work in the industry during the lockdown time.

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Anupama Pathak’s death has shocked the people of industry. Anupama Pathak’s family member also shocked with this news. As incident took placed when her husband was out of home. A case was registered under section 306 of the Indian Penal Code or IPC.

The lockdown time is very tough as it has taken many precious life. First death happened Sushant Singh Rajput, CBI is enquiring about this case. On June 9, Disha Salian, a former manager of Sushant singh rajput found dead. After this Manmeet Grewal, Sameer Sharma, and many more.

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