Today it is difficult to imagine the internet without Google because Google has become the biggest name in the world of internet.

Even today, very few people know about it, so let me tell you that Google is a multinational public American company. It was invented or started by Two students name as Larry Page and Sergey Brin.Google Amazing Facts

Lets Know Amazing Facts about Google.. The best Search Engine in the World

There are many search engine available on the web but Google is known the best search engine in the world. Google has more than 70% users worldwide. Lets know the amazing facts about Google..

#1. When Google was found

Google was founded on 4 September 1998, its first public work started on 19 August 2004, the same day lerry page and Sergey brin agreed to work together for the next 20 years (until 2024).

#2. How Google Earn Money

Google’s revenue or generate inome from Adwords, which does advertising work. Google earns about 9,30,900 rupees in 1 second. It has more than 70 offices in 40 countries.

#3. Jobs in Google

More than 2,20,000 people apply for a job in Google every week, but very few people get a job in Google. The biggest factor is that such interviews are asked in interviews, which you would never have thought about. New employee in Google are called Nuglars, more than 4,170,00 employees currently work in google, many of whom have become billionaires.

#4. How grass is cut in Google office

More than 200 goats have been kept in Google’s office to mow the grass because the smoke and noise emitted from the machines is a problem for the working employee.

#5. Google name is the result of wrong spelling

Larry page and Surgey brin initially named google as Backrub, but later it was named Googol, which means the number formed after adding 100 to 1 is called googol. googol shows that the search engine of the company is working to provide a large amount of information for the people. The name Googol also did not go much because when the domain was being ragister, googol was mistakenly typed in Google’s place. Name is running on Google.

#6. Google buys company every week

Google has bought 827 companies in the last 12 years, out of which google bought Youtube in 2006, this deal was considered a big mistake, but like google, youtube has become a big name which every month around 6 billion worldwide Seen for hours.

#7. Why Google’s home page is simple

When google was launched, it was kept simple because the founder of that time did not know much about HTML, since then the home page has been kept simple. Google home page is user friendly as well.

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