Former President APJ Abdul Kalam died on 27 July 2015, but this missile man is still alive in the memories of Indian. People remember him by seeing today’s politics. Mr. Kalam always kept asking to give his special and best, irrespective of the area.APJ Kalam, the missile man of India

Let me tell that former President Kalam visited Gorakhpur twice. But on 10 February 2011 at St. Joseph’s Inter College, Gorakhnath, the interaction with children will hardly be forgotten.

While interacting with the children, he asked who wants to go into politics. But very few hands were raised in response to this question. Then asked who will become the scientist, doctor and engineer, almost all hands got up. At that time, Kalam Saheb smiled and said that no area is bad nor should it be underestimated. He said, give your hundred percent wherever you go. In his school, which lasted for about two hours, the children listened diligently to him. In the end, he stepped down from the stage and mingled with the children.

Even today he is not in this world but his memories are still in the mind of Gorakhpur. People remember how despite being in such a high position, they never touched pride. He lived among the children all his life and kept them motivated towards the goal.

People still remember that he gave very beautiful answers to each and every question of children. Everyone was convinced of his scholarly and on-the-spot response. For a moment no one could believe that he was with one of the greatest scientists of the world.

As he climbed on the stage during the program, he said that ‘Hello Friends, Thanks all of you’, the whole situation resonated with the thunderous applause as soon as he said this. The faces of thousands of children sitting in front of Kalam were also glowed. Then, without any formality, he started teaching lessons to the children in his classless style. He told that only a person with goals, knowledge, hard work and ability to fight can bring success.

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