The birth anniversary of Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad, who is called the great hero of Indian freedom struggle, is being celebrated today. The name of the great revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad is synonymous with bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.Nehru Helped Britisher in killing of Azad

He had so much love for the country and motherland in his heart that he started taking iron against the British from a very young age and then devoted his entire life to the independence of the country.

‘The British will never be able to hold me alive’. This was to say the martyr Chandrasekhar Azad. The Azad who had sown the seeds of fear in the hearts of the British, from which he could never get out. This was the reason that when a whole contingent of British surrounded him in Alfred Park on 27 February 1931, no one had the courage to go near him.
Not only this, he took his own life with his last remaining bullet. Even after this, no Firangi was so proud that he could go near his dead body and be able to touch it.
The British shot at his dead body to ensure that he was dead. This Park of Allahabad is still seen narrating the story of his valor.
Here it seems as if everything is happening in front of your eyes.

Such was the brave soldier who never cared for his life. Even at the last moment, he removed Sukhdev safely from there and took iron from the British alone. Today is the birth anniversary of the same Azad.

Who Helped Britisher in killing of Azad..

The nephew of freedom fighter, Chandrasekhar Azad, Sujit Azad, has addressed that Jawaharlal Nehru had given British clear information about Chandrasekhar Azad that he was in Alfrado Park. At this information Britisher got to know and suronded him to catch Azad. Sujit Azad additionally added that Azad had given over HSRA funds to Nehru wanting to free Bhagat Singh in return; Nehru got the fund yet didn’t convey. Nehru betrayed the Azad and informed the Britisher as he is in alfrado park. If Nehru did not betrayed Azad, then Britisher will never be able to catch Azad.

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