Pm Modi, as seen in picture has planted a tree before worship of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. Everyone wanted to know the reason why Pm Modi, planted a tree and what is the name of Tree.Pm Modi plants a tree in Lord Ram Temple

Prior to Ram Temple Bhumi Pujan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi planted the “Parijat Tree”, tree at the site of Ram Janmabhoomi. Parijat is also known by the names Harsingar, Rani of the night, Shefali, Shiuli etc. Its botanical name is ‘Nyctanthis arbortristis’ and in English it is called Knight Jasmine. Parijat has a special and sacred place in Hinduism.

It is said that the Parijat tree originated during Samudra Manthan and it was found to the gods. Indra planted it in her garden in heaven. According to mythological belief, after the slaughter of Narakasura, Indra presented the flower of Parijat to Sri Krishna, which he gave to Goddess Rukmini. Goddess Satyabhama was blessed by Devmata Aditi from Devlok to Chirauvan.But due to the influence of Parijat Pushp, Goddess Rukmini also became an idiot, knowing that Satyabhama became angry and insisted on bringing Parijat tree from Shri Krishna. After this, Shri Krishna had to bring Parijat to the earth.

The flowers of Parijat are used especially for Lakshmi Pujan but only those flowers are used which automatically break down from the tree and fall down. The flowers of Parijat bloom only at night and by the morning they all wither away. Parijat flower is also used in the worship and worship of Lord Hari.

State flower of West Bengal

The tree of Parijat is usually 10 to 15 feet tall. But sometimes its height is also 25 to 30 feet. Beautiful and fragrant flowers are applied on it. Only five species of it are found worldwide. Parijat flower is the official flower of West Bengal. Parijats are found in large numbers in the Terai region of the Himalayas.

Also has medicinal properties

The flowers, leaves and bark of Parijat are also used as medicine. It is very useful for heart diseases.

So now you have got the answer, why and what tree Pm Modi planted in Ram Temple in Ayodhya. If you like the post please do share with friends.

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