Actor Sonu Sood, came on show saturday (the kapil sharma show), here he explains how he helped migrants people in lockdown time.Actor Sonu Sood helped migrant people

Sonu sood explains that it was really bad that people are going to their homes without buses or train, they had their family with them including small children. They had not even food for the ways.

This thing struck the mind and Sonu Sood decided to help the people in lockdwon time. He asked the crowd what they need, all the people say that they need food as they will be reaching to their home in 8 to 10 days.

Sonu Sood added, that he and his team tried best to make the poosible things arranged. They took permission from police, they took permission from other states and from further authorities. They also got permission form transport and the first time, he and his team were able to arrange 10 buses to take more than 350 people to their home at Karnataka.

Sonu Sood reveals, he did not plan anything in advance, it is just the demand of lockdown time or this is the God’s will, as God wanted me to make it done. It seems as God has choosen me to make it done.

Everyone has praised Sonu Sood work, Really he is a actor with golden heart. If our all the good people like Sonu Sood has come ahead to help people then the lock down has not made anyone to suffer.

Originally posted 2020-08-02 17:01:54.

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