What do you understand by 1K and 1M means ?.

Let us know today what 1K and 1M mean if you use social media. You must have often seen the use of K and M behind the number in Youtube and Facebook. Whenever more than a thousand likes appear in a photo, 1K is placed behind the number there. Similarly, if the number of views in YouTube video crosses 10 lakh, then M is put behind the number of views there. So what is the reason behind this that these alphabets are used instead of numbers.What it means by 1K and 1M in social media

If you too are new to the world of Internet, then you must have thought about them many times, you too would want to know the meaning of these 1K and 1M. In common life, we only use shortcuts, but in the Internet world too, shortcuts are used in most places. Then whether he wants to chat with anyone or even write a number in short. There are some short words that we do not know the meaning of, so in this link, we are going to tell you the meaning of K and M.

Let me tell you that 1K means 1 thousand. At the same time there is a million of 1M which is called 10 lakhs in Hindi. Wherever you see K written on the back of a number, then you have to understand that thousands are being talked about here. For example, 10K is written, so it means 10 thousand. On the other hand, if M is written behind a number, then it denotes lakhs and crores in Hindi.

For example, if 1M is written, it will be 10 lakhs, and when 10M is written, it becomes 1 crore. Where thousands of crores of rupees are used to represent a number in Indian calculations. Thousand, million, billion and trillion are used to calculate a number in foreign and internet.

Now you must be thinking that in English, a thousand is called a thousand, so why T is not used in place of K to show a thousand. Actually K represents Kilo which means 1000. For example, one kilogram equals 1 thousand gram kilograms is derived from the Greek language. Below are some examples of K and M.

1K = 1000 (one thousand)
10K = 10,000 (ten thousand)
980K = 980,000 (nine lakh eighty thousand)
1M = 1,000,000 (million)
10M = 10,000,000 (one crore)
760M = 760,000,000 (76 Crore)

Why 1K and 1M are used ?

In today’s time, shortcuts are used everywhere, so it is convenient to put K, M and B behind a number. For example, if a video has 1 million views, 1,000,000 would have to be written if shown. But if 1M is written instead, it saves both space and time.

In social media like Facebook and Youtube, we use shortcuts more and more. Like to write something, we often use short form only. This is the reason that the Internet mostly uses short forms like 1K, 1M and 1B. Also, if we write a number in detail, it seems strange to see, so the short form is used.

So now you must know what 1K and 1M mean. If you also use social media, you will have seen the use of K, M behind the number in many places. In such a situation, you too have expressed the desire to know their meaning many times, but now after reading this post, now you must have understood its meaning. So hope that this post of today will prove to be enlightening for you.

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