In India, Bollywood actors are spreading nepotism in the industry. It has been notice many time that bollywood muslim actors are making fun of Hindu Religion. They make fun of our Hindu God and Goddess. They demoralised Hindu Dharm, they demoralised Hindu actors and actress. Bollywood Muslim actors demoralised Sushant Singh Rajpot as well.Boycott Muslim Actors and Their Movies

Muslim actors are only promoting islamic movies in the bollywood. In the movie P.K, actor Amir Khan has made fun of our God Shiv, he also made fun of our lord Shiv in his episode Satymev Jayte. There are servel movie and occasion, where Bollywood Muslim actors has made fun of Hindu Samaj and Hindu God.

Earlier there was a time when no Hindu wanted to see Muslim actor movie and Muslim actors used to change their name, for example, Dilip Kumar, He was a Muslim actor name Muhammed Yusuf Khan, he changed his name as Dilip Kumar, in fear that Hindu would not see his movie. Muslim Actor John Abraham, real name (Farhan Abraham)
change his name in fear that no Hindu would see his film.

There are many Muslim actors like, Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Amir Khan, Shaif ali Khan, Naseerudin Shah, and many more. These Muslim actors are against Hindusm in India. These Muslim actors are promoting ISLAM indirectly and some are doing it directly. On many occassion we have seen that These Muslim actors has spoken against Hindusm and against our Hindu God.

Recently many muslim actors has spoken against the people who believe in Hindusm. Their statement clearly describe that they want Islamic country and they are promoting Islam in india. Below are the few names and their words that gone viral in publlic. I am describing some name below..

  1. Saif Ali Khan has said that Hindusm is fetal for nation.
  2. Amir Khan has said that India is an intolerance Country. He has made fun of our God Shiv in his Movie P.K
  3. Naseerdeen has spoken that Muslim feel fear in India.
  4. Kareena Kapoor Khan said, No one said to Hindu to watch their films.

Apart from this, These Muslim actors are spreading Love Jihaad, and they are doing it very silently, see few name below

  1. Actor Dilip Kumar, real name (Muhammed Yusuf Khan), married to Hindu Girl.
  2. Arbaz Khan, married to Hindu girl Malaika Arora.
  3. Sharukh Khan Married to Hindu girl Gauri Khan
  4. Amir Khan married to Hindu Girl Reena Dutta/Kiran Rao
  5. Sohail Khan married to Hindu Girl Seema Sachdeva
  6. Saif Ali Khan married to Hindu Girl Amrita Singh/Kareena Kapoor
  7. Imran Khan married to Hindu Girl Avantika Malik
  8. Fardeen Khan married to Hindu girl Natasha
  9. Naseeruddin Shah married to hindu girl Ratna Pathak.
  10. Above are the few names but list is very long, this list shows how, wisely they are spreading Love Jihad and promoting Islam in India.

So My Dear Hindu Friends, Brother and Sisters, Now the time has come, we should boycott all muslim actors and their movie. This is the time we should save our India, our Nation, Our Culture, Our Value, Our SANATAN Dharma.
We should boycott who make fun of our God. We should boycott who speak against our Hindusm. We should boycott every muslim actors who want ISLAM in India.

Learn From History

My dear Friends, Brother and Sisters, We should learn from History, Our Indian King PRITHVI RAJ CHAUHAN, defeated Mohammad Gauri many time (16 times) and released him to go. But in 17th war Mohammad Gauri defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan by cheating. You know what Mohammad Gauri did with Prithvi Raj Chauhan.
If you don’t know, let me tell you,
In 17th war Mohammad Gauri teard the eyes of Prithvi Raj Chauhan with hot iron rod. Mohammad Gauri did even wrong with the wife of Prithvi Raj Chauhan as well.

  • We should learn from ASHIN WIRATHU FROM Maynmar, What muslim did in Maynmar, they eat and kill human in Maynmar.
  • We should learn from Guru Govind Singh, his words as below in the image..Boycott Muslim Actors and their Movie

So my dear Hindu Friends, Brothers and Sisters, learn from history and learn from current times as well, in current times you can see, How muslims are behaving, for example.

  1. Muslim Created Violence on the name of CAA and NRC in Delhi
  2. Muslim created Violence on the name of Mohammad in Bangalore
  3. In Lockdown times, Tabligi jamat has made people suffer by spreading Corona by spitting and not cooperating with doctors.
  4. Muslim did Mumbai BLAST.
  5. Mumbai hotel Taj terrorism
  6. Kashmiri violence, Kashmiri Hindu had to leave their homes.
  7. See the violence of Rohingya Muslim in Myanmar.

Above are the few examples. Any violence and any riot happened in the world, muslims are first and ahead in. You may check and search, any violence occured in any city of the world, there will be muslims who did it.

List of words are much more, I have described few. So my dear Hindu friends, Brothers and Sisters, Learn from History and learn from current time, Be aware and boycott all muslim actors and their movie and products. Help every Hindu and help in making india as a Hindu Nation. If you do this, it will help many Hindu actors, who are demoralised like Sushant Singh Rajput.

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