A Swedish news magazine wrote –

The US came to know as soon as the F16 was launched. America was angry with its use on India. But at that time it was also necessary to save Pakistan from the anger of India.

Because as soon as one of the pilots of India went to Pakistan, India prepared the Bramhos missiles for big action. The plan was that Pakistan Air Force should be destroyed in the night. Whose America got hooked.

The US immediately warned Pakistan that the captured Indian pilot should not suffer any damage, otherwise it would be impossible to stop India, and warned that in the event of war it would lock the engine of the F16. Alarmed by India’s potentially drastic action, Bajwa himself spoke to the UAE, while the US spoke to Arabia and Russia.

Arabia advised India to stay one night. The Arab had contacted Pmo New Delhi in the afternoon and reprimanded Pakistan. Russia, America have convinced Pakistan to announce to leave the Indian pilot by tomorrow morning, that too unconditionally.

Not only this, Pakistan also asked China for a direct link to the satellite monitoring the Indian skies, which China refused.

In the end, Pakistan asked for help from Turkey. He immediately refused and advised to leave the pilot. For information about what India can do here, satellites of big countries all over the world were watching India. At night from 24 February to 28 February, Pakistan’s top military officers used to stay in home-made bunkers.

Pakistan was absolutely helpless, Modi ji made helpless.
Such is the strength of our Pm Modi.

If ‘Modi’ then it is possible,
And for this, we are also ready to take a petrol of 500 rupees, Har Har Modi

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