If you have thought ever to buy a Helicopter then you must know the Cost of a Helicopter. You have seen Helicopter in movies and in t.v. You have even wished to roam in Helicopter or you have already roamed in Helicopter.Cost of Helicopter

But do you know what would be the cost of a Helicopter. Many times it happened that people do not see Helicopter and many people travelled everyday by Helicopter.

Generally people travel by car or they think to buy car and bike. But many people think to travel by Helicopter. Today we are letting you know the cost of normal Helicopter and you will get to know the cost of Helicopter.

Helicopter is used for airforce work. Apart from airforce many businessman and celebraties used it for their work. These businessman and celebraties have their personal Helicopter. But buying Helicopter is not easy for normal people as it cost is high. To roam in Helicopter is very interesting.

Here we are letting you know the cost of a normal Helicopter, Robinson R-22 helicopter cost is about 17135000 indian rupees. This kind of helicopter have two seat, it is known as best helicopter and is used mostly in learning to fly helicopter.

Next let me tell you the Helicopter Beil B206, it cost is 47915000 in Indian Rupees. It is very popular helicopter as it has five seats. This helicopter is used for airfoce work and in public sector as well.

If any Helicopter engine is ceased in air then it has Roter Machine that help the helicopter to get down on earth easily. Many helicopters do safe landing in bad weather because they used most advanced techonology that help to get down on earth easily.

Now you have got the idea of what may be the cost of a Helicopter. The cheapest Helicopter cost may be in Crores. But people who can not afford to buy they can hire a helicopter and enjoy flying in it.

In developed cities facilities to roam in helicopter is available and people enjoy it. If any one want to roam in airplane it is very cheap now a days.

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