Pm Modi may Announce, Population Control Bill on Independence day 15th August 2020

On the occassion of Independence Day, Pm Modi may announce Population Control Bill. India Population is increasing day by day. Big Population is great issue for the nation. As Big Population may create many danger situation for the public of India.Population Control Bill

Pm Modi has advised many times on this issue earlier in his speech that Population Control Bill is very important for India. Because if Popluation goes out of control then it will create many disadvantage for the people of India, like, unemployment, problem of food, problem of neccessary things and much more.

It has been more than one year, working on the issue of Population Control Bill and it was the demand of the nation’s people. This is the right time as well, to make people of nation aware that how beneficial and important Population Control Bill, is. How this bill will help people of India and indian people.

Pm Modi had been continuesly working on this issue, as how to control Population of India, so that every person could be employed, every person in the nation gets neccessary things, like ROTI, KAPDA AND MAKAN, to survive peacefully. As Pm Modi has said many times, that when the people of a nation has necessary things to survive then that country live pecefully and grow with ease silently.Population Control Bill

So, as expected on this occation of Independence Day, Pm Modi may announce Population Control Bill as Two Child Policy. Two Child Policy will help to control population of India. Two Child Policy will ensure that every citizen of India gets employed. Two Child Policy will help to save our Natural Resource like, electricy, water and much more.

Population Control Bill is the need of India and it is the responsibility of every citizen to adhere and respect this policy.

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