Most of the people in Hindu, do not know, who is SAI BABA ?. So Today, we are making it clear that who is SAI BABA, and how a person became SAI BABA from Chand Mia.Sai Baba real name is Chand Mia

Many people does believe that SAI BABA is a God, but this is completely false. There is no prof in history. Sai Baba (chand mia ) has not done anything great in his life. He has not written any kind of book like any Dharmic Granth and etc.

But the question is if 99% Hindu does not know anything about Sai Baba. Then why they think that he is a GOD. Actually Hindu people believe easily on fake news without investigation. This is the only way a person name Chand Mia became Sai Baba.

But I want to aware Hindu People about this all. My dear freinds, Brothers and Sisters, We have many God in Hindu Religion as per the Hindu Religion.

My dear Brothers and sisters, we need to boycott such kind of Chand Mia (Sai Bab ), these Sai Baba are one kind of Lootere, and they are presented as a great man in front of Hindu People.

We know Sai Baba through Telivision source, there is no any other source in history, where we can find any book written in it, Sai Baba as God.

In history there is no name as Sai Baba. The name Sai Baba was marketed on telivision and we heard it so many times that we thought, he may be God or noble man, but we never made a question or searched who is he…

Today get the full information on this video, we are sharing with you..

My dear friends, Brothers and sisters, Please listen carefully on the above video by Jain Muni, and stop trusting SAI BABA and visiting the place.

In India same case goes with PEER BABA MAZAR as well. Hindu people visit to these Mazar. These Peer Baba Mazar is the way of doing LAND JIHAD and to loot Hindu People’s money by making Hindu People foolish.Mazar in India

As if there were Peer Baba in the world then there must be one PEER Baba But in India, we may see many mazar like on the Road Peer Baba Mazar, under the tree, near the mall, on the roof.

The question is Do we know the history of Mazar in India.

Before the freedom of India, there were no mazar in India, but now, we may see many , this is just the way of Land Jihad.

My friends if we go in history, can anyone see that our ancestors has worshiped any Mazar, the answer is NO. Our ancestors has never worshiped any Mazar or there were no Peer Baba Mazar at that time.

We only know Sai Baba throgh Telivision, in history there is no book that describe Sai Baba. It is only to make Hindu People fool and loot their money on the name of God.

So my Hindu friends, stop trusting Peer Baba Mazar as well. Do not visit these kind of place and save your money.

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  1. Abc Reply

    You got the right spot bro. There is no such evidence of sai and idk why Hindus are so blind about that.

  2. Ganesh Chandra Gorain Reply

    Faith either proves or disproves the spiritual values. You know it well and ask yourselves. God knocks at the door when you really mean, when you reject Him there is no Faith.

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