Kapil Mishra helped Khushi and Sumit with Fund of Rs Five Lakhs

Sumit, a 22-year-old youth living in Sarai Kale Kha Harijan Basti of Delhi, the national capital of the country, was happily married to a Muslim community girl, after which. Muslim’s People attacked the Sumit’s Family. The Muslim crowd created a fierce uproar in Sumit’s street. They broke flower vases, threw stones at the houses, broke the vehicles and tried to enter the houses as well. Some people living here were also injured in that attack.

After the attack on Sumit’s house in Sarai Kale Khan, Kapil Mishra met the parents of Balmiki youth Sumit on 27 March 2021, after which he announced that the decision to open Sumit and Khushi’s joint account – and promised that he will provide assistance of Rs 5 lakh to both.  Kapil Mishra helped Khusi and Sumit wiht amount 5 Lakhs. As talked with both of them, the newly married husband and wife were not present at the house during the attack and they stayed in a safe place at their relative’s house. Perhaps they had already suspected something untoward.

After the meeting, Kapil Mishra campaigned through social media to help Khushi-Sumit financially and within a week Kapil Mishra has fulfilled his promise and five lakh rupees have reached Khushi and Sumit Balmiki’s account. . After getting the money, Khushi has thanked Kapil Mishra through the Viral Video.

As Kapil Mishra Helped Khushi & Sumit with financial of Amount 5 Lakhs , some people are not happy and they are getting angry on this video. A user named Miraj Ansari wrote, “5 lakhs of rupees will not last a day, but you will always remain forever in hell.”

Miraj tweeted one after the other and argued with the people.

Kapil Mishra

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