Chapter- 2

So guys, if you want to learn Digital Marketing, then we should know, what Digital Marketing cover up or We should go through overview of Digital Marketing..

Here is the List We will be covering in Digital Marketing..

  1. How to Building a website
  2. What is Social Media Marketing
  3. What is Social Media Optimization
  4. What is Search Engine Optimization
  5. What is Search Engine Marketing
  6. What is Content Marketing
  7. What is Viral Marketing
  8. What is Affiliate Marketing
  9. Learning Google Analytics
  10. Learning Google Search Console
  11. Learning GT matrix
  12. Learning Image Creation

So friends, we will be covering all the above topic one by one. So lets complete the Point (1)..

1. Website Building Or how to create a blog on blogger..

If you want to start a business or company then you must have a website. Website is very important now a days. If you search on the internet, then you will find that every business, organizations are having website.

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Hence even if you want to learn Digital Marketing, you should have a blog or website. There are many platforms on the internet to create a free website, I am describing you some of the names below.


How to write a blog Or free blog Maker

Blogger and WordPress, is the best and easy platform to create a website. It comes with user friendly tools. WordPress is completely plugin based platform to create website. It provides you many theme as well.How to create a Blog

Here I am going to teach you, how to create a website on

To make a website on, you must create an email ID. After creating an email ID, Login to your email ID and then click to nine dots as directed in the image below. after clicking on the dots click on the second blogger Icon.

Free website building

After Clicking on Blogger Icon, a new window will open. Then Click on Create a Blog and give a Title Name to your blog as shown in the below Image. After this Click on Next. When you click on Next a window will open, here you can choose a url for your blog. Now your blog is ready.

You may post what you like in your blog now.Blog Creation

So friends, Now you have got the Idea of making a blogging site. This is very easy to make a website on blogger. Make a beautiful website and publish it.

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There are many website available on the internet, where you can make your free website. Making website is almost same at every platform.

You can earn good money by blogging. You just need to drive traffic on your blog.

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    Being a digital marketer isn’t actually easy its complicated if you don’t know in what you can excel good.

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