Friends let me tell you that it is the right to time to “Boycott Aaz Tak”Boycott AAJ TAK

Let me clear you that.. Who made Aaj Tak no.1 for 18 years ?? You..
Who is the first to run on Aaj Tak for any news ?? you..
So who is to blame ?? ..You

It is not that Aaj Tak has shown its true color for the first time. Till date, it is a venomous snake that has been spewing venom for 18 years with its No.1 “Fun”.

Friends Remember:

  • Remember who took Afzal Guru’s first interview ?? Aaj Tak
  • Who took the first interview of Tahir Hussain ?? Aaj Tak
  • And now Aaj Tak also took the first interview of accused Riya Chakravarty.
  • If you do not understand even after repeated persuasion, whose fault is it ?? ..You..

Rajdeep Sardesai, is not from today on Aaj Tak ?? .. No, no.
Did you know the truth of Rajdeep’s journalism for the first time ?? ..Have you forgotten how this broker journalist was driven away by people abroad.

Friends your anger like a bubble soon comes out and pacifies. Everyone forgets the issue at the end.
Actually you are like a student who rote mathematics. You can only correct the question you are told. But on changing the number, the result is three parts of the same Dhaka.

How many times have you been told about these WAMPANTHI, explained their methods, but by repeating the same mistakes again and again you make someone #God, sometimes #Maha Nayak, sometimes #Sabse Tej Channel.

No one will come to explain on each subject separately. Even the Guru does not solve every question. Only method is explained. You have to walk with your own feet.

So will you learn from mistakes ?? ..
To crush the fun of a poisonous snake like Aaj Tak, we will vow to teach him a lesson.

Uninstall, Unfollow and Unsubscribe from app, youtube, fb ?? Throw it out of your cable?

If yes then get started. Otherwise there will be no significant difference between the thumb wear on the mobile screen and the thumb wear for tobacco on the palm.

It is the time we must unite and Make a big SLAP on face of Aaj Tak. No matter how big or powerful someone who is playing with our feelings, will not be able to escape easily and will not be tolerated anymore. He will have to pay a huge price for it. Friends Get United and BoyCott Aaj Tak ..

This is a collective fight. No one can fight alone. Get Unite and BoyCott Aaj Tak. Friends If you like the post then share it with your friends..


Originally posted 2020-08-29 11:32:27.

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