Pm Modi said, we lost Arun Jaitley, on this day, I miss him a lot, he was my true friend. Arun Jaitley severed the people of India. His intelligence, legal acumen and great personality was a legendary.Arun Jaitley

PM Modi added, he lost a valuable friend, on this day. Let me tell you that, Pm Modi was in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second leg of three nation visit, when the news of death of former finance minister Arun Jaitley came.

Arun Jaitley death anniversary 24th August 2019

Home Minister Amit Shah also added that Arun Jaitley was a great human being, he was a multitalented and a true friend of friend. Shah added, he will be remembered for his great work, great vision and devotion to nation.

JP Nadda also said, I salute to the ex-finance minister Arun Jaitley, on his death anniversary. He was a great leader, good speaker and a great thinker. He added, Arun Jaitley will be remembered always for his great service to nation.

Let me clear you that on this day (24th August 2019) last year, Our great finance Minister Arun Jaitley died battling with illness. He did many great work to the nation. He was a man of great thought. A vacant placed will be always there as no one can replace Arun Jaitley.

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