Many of you would have this question in mind that who is the owner of the Internet which we use Every day?Internet Owner

After all, who owns the Internet?

When you pay some amount to a company like, idea, airtel, jio, for data pack then a question does arrive in mind that to whom these companies does pay for my internet service.To understand this,We will first know how the internet works and then know who is the owner of the internet.

Who owns the internet ?

Suppose you are reading this article on this website right now, it means, this article is stored somewhere and is thousands kilometres away from you. But still you are reading this article even being thousands kilometres away . It means, you are getting this article from website’s server.

A connection is being made between that server and your mobile and for this connection you need to pay money. You would give this money to a national level company like Reliance Airtel idea or local internet provider.

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But this national company only has access to their own country, so this company will give money to the international company for internet. To understand this easily, we will divide it into two parts.

These are the International level Companies, (sprint, PLDT, Center net) who have connected each other through cable by laying optical fibers cable in the sea. These Companies have laid the cable in the sea with their own money or different investments. Through this cable, we are able to use internet we run. These companies take money from national level companies.

Secondly, it is a national level company. Like airtel, idea, Reliance, which help us to get Internet. We pay to these companies on monthly basis. Like we recharge our sim on monthly basis.

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Hence, when we buy Internet Data, We pay to National level company and National Level companies pay to International Company. But International Companies do not pay to someone as they work hard to lay down fiber cable for Internet.

So now, you have understood, who is Owner of Internet. As to clear you, there is no specific owner of Internt. There are many joint companies who help us to get Internet Service.

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