Today on 19th August, the world is celebrating World Photography Day. Photo not only helps you to understand the things of the world easily, but also makes it fun and friendly to read or understand a story or news with the help of visual effects.Photography Day

Since the arrival of mobiles, an average of 350 billions of photos are clicked daily with digital cameras worldwide. But very few people know the history of the hundreds of years old world of photography. On the occasion of World Photography Day, we will introduce you to the interesting story of photography world.

Most people will know that selfie has started few years back. But it is not so. The world’s first selfie was clicked about 181 years ago.In 1839, American photographer Robert Cornelius had the world’s first selfie click. After setting up the camera, Robert removed the lens cap himself and clicked the world’s first selfie.

Why 19th August Celebrated as Photography Day ?

If we talk about the first photograph of the world, then it has been clicked almost 190 years ago. The world’s first photograph was taken in the year 1826 or 1827.This photo was clicked by the French inventor Joseph Nicefor. The French government gifted photography to the world on 19 August 1939 without copyright. Since then, 19th August is celebrated as photography day in the world.First photo click

The first photo of a human being accidentally taken for the first time in the world was in the year 1928. In fact, Joseph Nicefor was clicking photos with his friend friend Louis Dogger at the Boulevard du temple in Paris, at the same time a photo of Mochi, a shoe polisher on the street, is clicked in 7 minutes exposure.

It took Joseph about 8 hours to click the first photograph in the world, and in clicking this photo Joseph used a zinc plate, Damar’s solution Yan Bitumen of Judea. Joseph used a light sensitive bitumen on a zinc plate. Put the solution of off judea. This plate was slowly illuminated for 8 hours.This made a part of bitumen tight. After this Joseph washed away the soft part of the bitumen and thus the world got the first picture. This method of clicking photos was called ‘Dogotype’ process.

World’s First Color Photo

The first person to bring color photography to the world was Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell. The world’s first color photograph clicked on 17 May 1861. Thomas sutton is also remembered for his contribution to color photography. The most SLR camera was invented by Sutton. Also in the year 1959, Panoromic Cam, Wide Angle made the world aware.

Ansel Adams of West America is known for his finest work in the photography world. He did amazing black and white landscape photography. The world’s first digital camera was invented in 1995. It was invented by Steven sasson. The first digital camera weighed around 3.6 kg.

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