लॉकडाउन का एलान होते ही दिल्ली में शराब की दुकानों के आगे लगी भारी भीड़

New Delhi, (Rision Digital). After the lockdown was announced till 26 April in Delhi, the city’s liquor shops are seeing huge crowds. Actually, due to Ramnavami on Wednesday (April 21), there is a dry day in Delhi and then the liquor shops will be closed due to the lockdown. In such a situation, as soon as CM Arvind Kejriwal announced the lockdown on Monday afternoon, long queues were seen everywhere outside the liquor shops in Delhi.

No Rules of Social Distancing..

Liquor shops in all areas including Lajpatnagar, Laxmi Nagar, Jahangirpuri, Delhi, are crowding wildly. During this, the physical distance in the line was seen to be in violation of the rules.

Earlier last year when after a long time in Delhi, when the public got many concessions in Lockdown 3.0 last year, there was a huge crowd outside the liquor shops. During this time, the situation in Delhi had become so bad that no one was following the physical distance, in such a situation, the Delhi Police had to close the liquor shops with lathi charge.

Drinking age reduced from 25 to 21 years in Delhi

Let us tell you that the Delhi government has made a big change in the excise policy in the past. Now new liquor shops will be opened in Delhi. The legal age for purchasing liquor will also be 21 years, although this rule has not yet come into force. Manish Sisodia had also told that now new liquor shops will not be opened. This means that the number of liquor shops in Delhi will remain the same.

Let us tell you that that there are a total of 850 liquor shops in the capital Delhi. Of these, 60 percent are government and 40 percent are private. The deputy CM of Delhi has announced that no new liquor shops will be opened in Delhi. Along with this, government liquor shops will also be closed. The existing government liquor shops will be auctioned and given to private hands.

Things to remember in lockdown…

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