On New year Celebration, Many Birds were killed due to fire Crackers. We should not use fire crackers near to birds.

The New Year was celebrated vigorously in many countries around the world. In spite of the Corona epidemic, many countries also made fireworks. A large number of birds have died due to this firework.Don't Kill Birds, Be Kind & Merciful

Giving information about this, the animal rights group said that hundreds of birds (Birds) died due to loud fireworks by the people in the Italian capital on New Year’s Eve. Animal rights groups have called it ‘genocide’.

Click here for video Video footage surfaced

A video of this incident can also be seen on social media. In this video footage, dozens of birds scattered near the main station of Rome, lifeless and tortured on the ground road. But the exact cause of death of these birds has not been ascertained yet. However, in this regard, the International Organization for the Protection of Animals said that firefighters had fireworks near the party’s ghouls and their smoke and noise caused them.

Ignore curfew
The death of such a large number of bird deaths in Rome shows that people made personal fireworks and ignored the night curfew after 10 pm due to restrictions and corona restrictions.

At the same time, animal rights group spokeswoman Lordana Diglio said that he may have died of fear. It might be possible that they may have flown together and bumped into each other or electrical wires or windows. We should not forget that they can also die from a heart attack.

Large number of birds killed
He also said that every firework causes distress and injury to wild and domestic animals. The death of such a large number of birds in Rome shows that people made fireworks and did not even take the night curfew after 10 pm seriously due to Corona restrictions.

On the other hand, the Italian branch of OIPA has demanded a ban on selling firecrackers and fireworks in private, citing threats to animals.

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