A Glimpse of Lost, or Disappeared History of Hindu Heroes and Their Braveness

History of Indian Bravery
We are mentioning some facts of how Hindu is fighting against Islam since our Ancestor time and how our ancestor invaded them with our swords and with our bravery. Here We have mentioned little history of our Hindu's Ancestors.
  • In just 12 years from 622 AD to 634 AD, Muhammad forcibly converted all the idolaters of Arabia into Muslims with the sword! (Except Mahadev Kabaleshwar (Kaba) in Mecca!).
  • From 634 AD to 651, that is, in just 16 years, all the Parsis were forcibly converted to Islam at the point of the sword. Islam set foot in Egypt for the first time in 640, and in just 15 years, by 655 almost all the people of Egypt were forcibly converted to Islam!
  • North African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco etc. were forcibly converted to Islam from 640 to 711 AD.
  • It took only 71 years for the Muslims to snatch the complete happiness and peace of 3 countries by force!

Spain was invaded in 711 AD

By 730 AD 70% of the population of Spain was Muslim.

  • In just 19 years the Turks turned out to be a few heroes, the jihad against the Turks started in 651 AD, and by 751 AD all the Turks were forcibly converted to Islam.
  • Jihad against Indonesia completed in just 40 years! In the year 1260, Muslims created a massacre in Indonesia, and by 1300 AD all Indonesians were forcibly converted to Muslims.

Countries like Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan etc. were forcibly converted to Islam between 634 to 650.

  • The story of Syria is even more painful! Muslims gave their women in front of Christian soldiers! Muslim women went to Christians to protect us from Muslims. Poor foolish Christians came and gave them shelter in the words of these rascals! What was it then, all coming in the form of “Surpanakha”, together they made all the soldiers halal overnight!

Now you see the condition of India!

After that jihad against India started in 700 AD! He’s still running!

  • At the time when the invaders had established their big empire after reaching Iran, at that time they did not have the courage to see the Rajputs of India even with an eye towards the empire! In 636 AD, the Caliph launched the first attack on India! Not a single invader could go back alive!
  • For a few years, the Muslim invaders did not even dare to sleep facing India! But within a few years, the vultures have shown their caste! Attacked again! At this time Osman had come to the throne of the Caliph! He sent a huge Islamic locust to India with a general named Hakim.
  • The army was completely wiped out, and the commander Hakim was taken prisoner! The prince was killed by the Indian Rajputs and sent back to Arabia in a very bad condition, so that the condition of his army’s misfortune would reach Osman!
  • This process continued till about 700 AD! All the Muslims who turned their faces towards India, the Rajput rulers took their heads down from the shoulders!
  • Even after that, the brave soldiers of India did not accept defeat! When Islam began in the 7th century, at the time when these big countries from Arabia to Africa, Iran, Europe, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey became Muslims, Bappa Rawal, the ancestor of Maharana Pratap, was born in India!
  • He was a wonderful warrior, caught in the claws of Islam, that hero killed the Muslims from Afghanistan! Not only this, he reached the throne of the Caliph while fighting! Where the Caliph himself had to beg for his life!
  • Even after that this process did not stop! India got warriors like Nagabhatta Pratihara II! Who, following Rajput religion throughout his life, not only protected the whole of India, but also kept the pole of our power in the world.
  • Bappa Rawal had earlier said that Arab is not undefeated. But at the time of 836 AD, it happened in India, that the world-conquering Muslims were stunned!.

Emperor Mihirbhoja Pratihara limited the Muslims to only 5 caves! This was the same time, when the Muslims used to win only in a war, and convert the people there to Muslims.

  • Bharat Veer Rajput Mihirbhoj shook these invaders to Arabia! Till 400 years after the rise of Islam till Prithviraj Chauhan, Rajputs did not allow the disease of Islam to affect India! India’s economy was at its best even during that war period! After that the Muslims also emerged victorious, but the Rajputs did not accept defeat even after losing power, they did not sit peacefully even for a day!
  • Last Veer Durgadas ji Rathore bowed down Delhi, the fort of Jodhpur was taken out by the hands of the Mughals, adding to the dignity of Hindu religion!

Muslims did not take 20 years to convert any country into a Muslim, and even after ruling India for 800 years, Maharana Raj Singh, the lion of Mewar, did not allow the stamp of Islam even on his horse!

  • Maharana Pratap, Durgadas Rathod, Mihirbhoj, Rani Durgavati, played on their lives for their motherland! There was a time when the fighting Rajputs came to a standstill at only 2%! See the whole world at once, and see your present today!

The Muslims who converted half of the world’s population into Muslims in 20 years, why did they remain confined to Pakistan and Bangladesh only in India?


Raja Bhoj, Vikramaditya, Nagabhatta I and Nagabhatta II, Chandragupta Maurya, Bindusara, Samudragupta, Skanda Gupta, Chhatrasal Bundela, Alha Udal, Raja Bhati, Bhupat Bhat.

Chachadev Bhati, Siddha Shri Devraj Bhati, Kanad Dev Chauhan, Veeramdev Chauhan, Hathi Hammir Dev Chauhan, Vigrah Raj Chauhan, Maldev Singh Rathod, Vijay Rao Lanjha Bhati, Bhojdev Bhati.

Chuhad Vijayrao Bhati, Balraj Bhati, Ghadsi, Ratan Singh, Rana Hamir Singh and Amar Singh, Amar Singh Rathod, Durgadas Rathod,

Jaswant Singh Rathod, Mirza Raja Many queens like Jai Singh, Raja Jaichand, Bhimdev Solanki, Siddha Shri Raja Jai ​​Singh Solanki, Pulakeshin II Solanki.

Rani Durgavati, Rani Karnavati, Princess Ratanbai, Rani Rudra Devi, Hadi Rani, Rani Padmavati fought for the protection of their kingdom. Gave his life!

Other warriors Toga ji Veervar Kallaji Jaimal ji Zeta Kupa, Gora Badal Rana Ratan Singh, Pajban Rai ji Kachhawa, Mohan Singh Mandhar, Raja Porus, Harshvardhan Bess, Suheldev Bess, Rao Shekhaji, Rao Chandrasen ji Dod.

Rao Chandra Singh ji Rathod, Krishna Kumar Solanki, Lalitaditya Muktapid, General Zorawar Singh Kaluwaria, Dhir Singh Pundir, Balluji Champawat, Bhishma Rawat Chunda Ji, Ramsah Singh Tomar and his descendants, Jhala Raja Mann, Maharaja Anangpal Singh Tomar, freedom fighters Rao

Bakhtawar Singh, Amjhera Wazir Singh Pathania Singh , Rao Raja Ram Baksh Singh, What Thakur Kushal Singh, Thakur Roshan Singh, Thakur Mahavir Singh, Rao Beni Madhav Singh, Doongji, Bhurji, Balji, Jawaharji, Chhatrapati Shivaji!

The reference to such Hindu warriors was never taught to us in our history during the then Nehru-Gandhi government! It was taught that Akbar was a great emperor! Then only about Humayun, Babur, Aurangzeb, Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Charminar etc. were taught!

Had Hindus not been organized, today this country would have become completely Muslim country like Syria and other countries!

This beautiful analysis information is mandatory to reach Hindu society! Telling the tales of heroes in every class and society should make them feel proud!

Closing Lines:– Dear Friends please share this post to every Hindu, so it could reach to every person of India and he could feel proud on his ancestors who helped him to remain as Hindu.


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