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Best Article Submission Sites in India

Article Submission List in India

Article Submission Sites are very helpful to increase reach of a website. On the website, it can help augment the search engine ranking while increasing the traffic. These all are possible through the instant approval article submission sites 2021.

Article Submission site plays a vital role to drive traffic on your website.

With the help of right keywords in the content, the search engine rank is further enhanced. One can increase the awareness regarding their brand and the products using this technique.

What is Article Submission?

Article submission is considered to be the process of submitting high-quality articles that are related to your blog. It Improve your blog’s search engine rankings and increasing the traffic that is receiving it is the primary purpose behind doing so.

There are various article submission sites that are available online. Free instant approval blog submission sites are more in number than the paid ones.

Best Article Submission Sites

Benefits of Article Submission on Free Article Submissions Sites

  1. 1. Increase Social Reach

Instant Articles submission can increase social reach of your website. Because more people are using their mobile devices to access Facebook and other social medias as compared to the desktop systems.

2. Monetization Options

When your site has good amount of traffic. Then content is able to generate revenue due to monetization through the Audience Network with the help of Instant Articles. These ads are most beneficial for yourself and Facebook as they have potential to target your audience more precisely.

3. Improves Shares

Article submission site can be a more ideal method to engage new visitors from a marketing perspective. You will be having no idea when a post becomes viral with the help of Article submission process.

4. Improves Traffic

It can increase traffic to your site as so many people are using Facebook app and other social medias.

A vast audience accesses Facebook Instant Articles. The readers can click and visit with the links back to your site.

5. Better User Experience

As the articles load directly in the Web 2.0 sites, instant articles make the user experience more enjoyable.

6. Rich Content Experience

Roughly 80% of smartphone users in the India are using Facebook mobile app today. The advertisers use the full-screen experience on smartphones through Instant Articles.

Full screen ads provide more immersive user experience and grab the complete attention of the readers.

7. Multiple Objectives

They are able to use multiple ad formats when advertisers select Instant Articles as an ad placement. The same images as ads on Facebook are used by the Ads in Instant Articles.

Here is the Site List 2021

  • 1 https://www.freeadstime.org
  • 2 https://www.giganticlist.com
  • 3 https://www.findermaster.com
  • 4 https://www.wallclassifieds.com
  • 5 https://www.classifiedsfactor.com
  • 6 https://www.h1ad.cm
  • 7 https://www.advertiseera.com
  • 8 https://www.rectanglead.com
  • 9 https://ads.shopolop.com
  • 10 https://ad.ologames.com
  • 11 https://ads.digitalmarketinghints.com
  • 12 https://blog.shopolop.com
  • 13 https://www.ologames.com
  • 14 https://blog.freeadstime.org
  • 15 https://blog.giganticlist.com
  • 16 https://articles.h1ad.com
  • 17 https://story.wallclassifieds.com
  • 18 https://article.classifiedsfactor.com
  • 19 https://blogs.findermaster.com/
  • 20 https://article.advertiseera.com
  • 21 https://www.howcube.com
  • 22 https://www.bloggersroad.com

Here is the Premium Sponsor List 2021

  • 1 https://yonojguestblog.com
  • 2 https://guizaoni.co
  • 3 https://www.findbazaar.in
  • 4 https://www.duniyakamood.com
  • 6 https://classifiedcity.xyz
  • 7 https://www.socialbookweb.cf
  • 8 https://www.travelmithu.xyz
  • 9 http://cityclassified.online
  • 10 https://dealsclassified.online
  • 11 https://www.travelmithu.com

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List 2021

  • https://www.sarkariandprivatejobs.com
  • https://www.goarticles.info
  • https://medium.com
  • https://www.amazines.com
  • https://threadwatch.org
  • https://articleside.comhttps
  • www.selfgrowth.com/
  • https://articlebiz.com
  • https://www.tumblr.com
  • https://hubpages.com
  • https://www.sooperarticles.com


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