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Best Motivational Story of a Guru and his Disciple

Once upon a time, a Guru and disciple were going somewhere by the way of the forest, then it was evening on the way and they felt thirsty for water, then a village came nearby and as soon as they reached the village, they saw that there was a hut.

When Guru and Disciple reached near to hut they saw that people who were there were wearing torn old clothes.

Guru was watching all this scene that there is such a big field, he has not planted the crop in it.

So the guru first requested for water that we can get water. So the family gave water to the Guru and the disciple.

Suddenly the guru said that if you do not do farming in it, then how do you run your life, then that man said that we have a buffalo and earn money by selling the milk of this buffalo and from this we earn livelihood.

The guru listened to him carefully and there was a conversation between them for some time but it was dark so Guru decided that we will stay here tonight.

so close to midnight The Guru told the disciple that we have to take this buffalo and take this buffalo and leave it somewhere in the forest.
So the disciple thought that how can I do such a wrong thing if I go with this buffalo
So how will this man make a living afterwards.

but it was the Guru’s order and he had to full fill it.
He went with his guru and in the middle of the night the guru and disciple left but also brought the buffalo with him and left it far away so that the buffalo could not come back to his village from there.

After about 10 years, when that disciple had also become a guru and started giving initiation, he thought that the mistake I had made 10 years ago Why don’t I rectify that mistake today and I should go to that man.

He goes to the man but upon reaching there he sees that the crops are waving in the field and the gardens are planted.

He thinks that maybe the man has gone many times in the city after selling his house and selling his land.

But then suddenly the man came and bowed to the guru and said that I recognized you.
Years ago, you and your guru had come together, but that day, suddenly we do not know what happened in the night that our buffalo left us and now we had to do some other work so that our livelihood could run smoothly again.

But we had no choice, so I used to cut wood from the forest and I used to make a living from that, I worked very hard, planted mango orchards, gradually people started buying mangoes from the mango orchard.

And slowly my mango orchard started getting bigger and I started getting good fruits and money from them and my business grew my work increased finally this what you are seeing is the result of 10 years of hard work.

So from the story we get this lesson
Is there any such buffalo in your life?
Whom you do not want to leave and you want to earn only from that person as if that man did not know that he has talent in him, he has so much potential but the guru changed his fate

Kapil Panchal
Hello Guys, My Name is Kapil Panchal. I am a Blogger & Youtuber.I have a passion to write about latest News, Blogging Tips, Online Earning & Motivational Stories.


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