10+ Highest Traffic Blog in India

Best Traffic Blog in India
10+ Best Traffic Blog in India

When I started blogging, there were not many Blogs or Bloggers. But on today’s date you will find one to one Top Highest blogs on the Internet. But many internet users do not know about these Best Blogs.

Because of which they do not know many things and nowadays most of the internet users want to learn something new. So if you are also such a creative person who wants to learn a lot on the Internet or do something online, then you must know about these best highest traffic Blogs in India.


Below I am telling you about Blogs of every popular category. Like, you can learn on topics like Blogging, Teach, Vlogging, All Type Trending News, Motivation, and General knowledge, Mobile Tips, Online marketing tips, Online money making and many more. And can learn many new things.

Top 10 Highest Traffic Blog in India:-

1. Risiondigital.com :-

Kapil is the founder of Risiondigital.com website. On this blog site, I ( Kapil ) provide information about how to earn money from Internet with Blog, Blogging, SEO, Motivational Stories and Latest News.

And I started the blog site in December of 2021. There is only one purpose behind making this site of mine. And that is to share good and complete information about Blogging to every Indian.

2. HindiBlogger.com:-

Rahul Yadav is the founder of HindiBlogger.com website. Rahul ji took his first step in the blogging industry in the year 2015 and after seeing many ups and downs, he finally got success. In today’s time Rahul ji is the owner of all Hindi blogs and he provides information on Blogging, top 10, how to, tech, Make money Online etc topics on Hindiblogger.com.

3. ShoutMeHindi :-

Shourtmehindi.com is a very famous Hindi blogging site and this blog has been created by our India’s very popular Hindi Blogger, Harsh Agrawal. And on his blog he provides information about WordPress, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, new Finance and bitcoin.

4. Hindime.net :-

Hindime.net Everyone knows about this blog in today’s time. Along with being a best Hindi Tech blog, you also get to know a lot of information related to blogging, SEO.

With great simplicity, the founder (Chandan ji) and Co founder (Prabhanjan ji) of this blog have conveyed things to the people in easy language. Along with this, you will also get a lot of information related to Computer Science on this blog. Which will help you in your studies and exam preparation.

5. Hindimehelp.com :-

HMH is a very famous Hindi teaching blog. Rohit Mewada started this blog in 2014. On this Hindi website, you can also learn about earning money online with Blogging, Mobile Tips, Computer Tips, Motivation.

6. Techshole.com:-

Techshole is one of the best Hindi technology blog. And it is made by Ranjeet singh ji in 2019. On this, Ranjit provides information about Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Application, Tech Tips, Computer, Coading etc.

7. Catchhow.com:-

This best Hindi blog has been created by India’s popular blogger Manoj Saru in 2016. And he also shares health related information along with Technology, How To, Education, on his blog.

8. techyukti.com:-

Techyukti a very best Hindi technology blog. And this Hindi blog has been created by Satish Kushwaha ji. On this Hindi blog, you will also get information related to Latest Technology along with Phone Reviews, Best Mobile Application, Software Reviews, Android Tricks, YouTube Tips, How to earn money online.

9. MyBigGuide.com:-

You will get to learn many technology things on this best Hindi blog created in June 2014. Along with this, you will get to learn about Computer, E-Tools and many more tips & tricks in your own language.

10. Myhindi.org:-

This Hindi website was created by Nilesh Verma in August 2013. Blogging on Myhindi, along with social media marketing, Internet, online money making, provide many more information.

11. Vikashplus:-

On this Hindi blog site created by Nikhil Arora in 2015, you share Blogging, Designing, WordPress, Mobile Tips & Tricks, Google AdSense and many more new business ideas.

12. Achi Khabar.com:-

Gopal Mishra ji is a very big Hindi blogger of India. He started this Hindi blog in October, 2010. And this is the most popular Hindi Motivation site in Motivation. In this, Gopal ji shares a lot of information about health along with Hindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement.

13. Happy Hindi.com:-

You can learn a lot in your own language on happy hindi site. Like Hindi Quotes, Stories. Motivation, etc. Also, many new business ideas will also be found on this blog site.

14. TarunGoel.in:-

This blog of Tarun ji is very popular in Indian Hindi Travel Blog. On this you will get information about every popular place in India. And also Tarun ji provides information about many life stories on this.

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