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Best Free URL Shortner Sites..

As you know that a shorter URL is easier to read and memorize. Apart from it, a short URL has a better click-through rate compared to a long URL.

A short URL is easier to share in prints magazines, flyers, posters, and business cards. To shorten the links, you may use a URL shortener. There are numerous options available from which you can find the one that fits to your need.

If you want or searching for the URL shortener to use in 2021, then you have come to the right blog. We will provide you the list of the best URL shortener to use in 2021.

There are some of the social media apps like Twitter have their URL shortener shortening service. This helps decrease the length of the URL link to fit easily in the microblogging site.

Why Need A URL Shortener?

URL Shortener plays a vital role in your blog posts. A URL shortener helps to shorten links. You can shorten a link to fit the character limits of social media posts, messaging apps, and Google Ads. Some social media sites help you in shortening the URL links.

10 Best URL Shortener to Use In 2021

  1. 1. Bitly
  2. Bitly is known the most popular URL shortener. It is very user friendly. If you want to shorten the link for business purposes, Bitly is the URL shortener you must use. It creates recognizable short links which are easy to remember.

2. TinyURL

  • Second option is TinyURL shortener. TinyURL shortens the link that never expires. It has been in use since 2002. If you are in a rush and want to create a URL without much effort, then this is a place where you should land.

3. Rebrandly

More than 40,000 users trust Rebrandly for shortening links. It is a URL shortener that can brand custom links, track performance, or integrate other platforms seamlessly.

The custom URL shortener helps in better reach of your the brand or blog. With a custom URL shortener, you can customize the whole link easily.

4. Shorby

Shorby is the best url shortener to use. It is not just a regular URL shortener. It has the upper hand in customizing the link for Instagram. It is designed with the “the link in bio” rule. The Instagram users put backlinks on the bio; most of them are short links easily clicked on.


It is also a best user friendly url shortener. Most URL shorteners provide you with information about the target user, but this URL shortener goes above and beyond to help you own the marketplace. This URL shortener helps in customizing the link for target visitors.

6. is a free and best URL shortener. You can copy the long URL and put it in the dialog box to cut the suffix of the URL. However, it does not come with the benefit of analytics. But it is easy, simple, and quick to use.

7. is another easy-to-use URL shortener. has an array of features that allow you to shorten the link and create a better website.

Tiny is made for results, and you can do A/B testing for tracking the conversion rate. The shorter link garners better results and checks which destination URL is best for ROI.

8. Cuttly is a 100% free URL shortener. It is one of the best marketing tools as it lets you understand the click-through rate of your link. does not integrate with other software or platforms.

9. Linkly

It is one of the best URL shortener that allows you to create custom short target links. The shortened link has branded links that redirect to the website page. You can use Linkly with simple steps. First, signup/login, then on the left-hand menu, click “Create New Link.”

10. ShortURL

It is mostly used ShortURL that puts the focus on branding to create personalized and short URL links using your domain. While analyzing and tracking, ShortURL does a marvelous job. It tracks data from the country, date, time, and device through which the user visited the site.

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