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Best Way to Become Rich Easily

When I say the word “rich”, which person’s picture comes to your mind, you may be thinking of the richest people in the world. Like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Mukesh Ambani, or maybe you are thinking of a very big Sport Star or Movie Star.

Perhaps you are not thinking of a 24 year old boy, who will be working in his business and running his own business. Most of the people don’t even think that they can

become rich at a young age. Most of the people think that you can become rich by being young if you have a lot of talent or luck.

Otherwise it will take a long time to become rich. People say that if you invest in the right way and save money, then maybe you will become a millionaire at the age of 50 or 60 years.

Reality is that most people are not rich, most people do not even know how to become rich? So let’s leave the words of these people and learn about a person who has been poor, he has struggled, he started his own business and then he became a Millionaire’s, at the age of 34.

If you are reading this article then there are some chances that you want to become a Millionaire’s.

Similarly, MJ Demarco had similar hobbies, he had realized in the beginning that he could not become rich by doing 9 to 5 jobs, he had to start his own business. That’s why he put his entire focus into building business after college to become rich.

But even there he did not get success, then he used to do something or the other by staying in his parents’ house. But one day he got angry and he said that enough is enough, took a decision that day that now I am going to change and he went to another city. He had only $900 in his bank account when he left.

Your first lesson is that you should have enough courage in yourself that you believe in yourself that you should take a decision that I have to change my life and then do that work.

When the writer moved to another city, then he went there and started making websites for other people. There he slowly became more popular. People started coming to him to build more websites.

But gradually M J DeMarco realized that now he was earning money but even then he was earning money by spending his time. This meant that if he stopped doing his work, the money would also stop coming.

He decided that he would focus on his website. On something that will make money for him while he is still sleeping. So after a lot of hard work, he created such a website, which he finally sold to another company for $ 1.2 million. Then MJ Demarco tells us that there are 3 ways to get rich.

3 Ways to get Rich

Let me show you one thing, here you are now and all the money you need is there at a distance, now you have three ways to go from here to there –

  • 1- SIDE WORK where you have to walk.
  • 2- SLOW LANE where your speed limit will be 25 kilometers per hour.
  • 3- FIST LANE Here you should drive as fast as possible in on limited speed.

So by which road will you reach early, the choice is known to all of us, so let us explain to you what is the meaning of each choice?


Side walk means footpath, mostly poor and middle class people are here. They do not have any control over their money and other than these they spend money as if there is no day tomorrow.

Those people have no savings. Those people are walking from one salary to another and always pray that if something like this happens to me or good happens.

Let me tell you another interesting thing that people with all sidewalkers are not poor. (NOT ALL SIDEWALKS “LOOK” POOR) There are some other sidewalkers who look very rich if you look from the outside. You must have seen that there are many Athletics or there are many Rich Celebrities, immediately news comes that they have become Bank Corrupts.

Because this is his mentality, he will not be able to sacrifice right now, for the benefit of his futures, he just wants to do well now. That’s why he will never be

able to become rich and that’s what most people are. But don’t worry, if you are on the sidewalk, then let me tell you three things that you have to remove from your mind set.

Fix these 3 believe to get out of the sidewalk:-

  • Luck is needed for wealth

Luck is needed for wealth You need to remove this belief from your mind, most people think that rich people are lucky. That’s because they can’t see how hard it took to become rich.

Facebook CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” everyone sees how rich man is, but no one thinks that he has been programming since childhood.

Everyone wants to think that rich people are lucky because by saying this, we remove the responsibility from ourselves that yes man he will have luck, if I have no luck then how can I become rich Am . Most of the people want a good fill about themselves so they believe in lucky.

  • Wealth is an event:-

Another belief that has to be removed is that getting rich instantly is an event, wealth is not an event, wealth is a process, your wealth builds over a period of time. It is not that if you sell your company completely and you get Millions of Dollars, then you become very rich.

That process was going on for 10 years when you were working in your company, then you remove the belief that Millionaire’s are made only when money is transferred to Bank Accounts. Millionaire’s are created when working everyday at night, without sleeping under too much pressure.

  • Others will GIVE YOU WEALTH:-

The third belief that you have to remove is that other people can make you rich. No one got rich from charity, infact many studies have also written that people who win the lottery lose their money within 2 years. This is a very easy way, which will make you understand and understand better.

Think of a broken bucket with holes all around it, no matter how much water you fill in it, the water will run out slowly. So the same thing happens with your money, so your mind set is like that bucket that till the time you do not correct your mind set, then whatever money is given has to be out of hand. ( you’re going to lose money ) then stop waiting for others and try to earn money by yourself.

2. Slow Lane:-

Let’s talk about slow-lane, now it seems to be a more sensitive option. Most of the middle class people are here, like doctors, engineers and lawyers, these people save money and they do not buy anything forcefully. They invest their money and sometimes they become Rich.

Now this is a good option if you just want stability security in your life, but I want to ask you one thing, will it be fun to drive a sports car when you are 60 years old. What is the use of money if you waste the entire youth in the pursuit of earning it. You ran after money for your existence and then you could not even use it.

People who are in slowlane sacrifice their time for money. He earns a fixed amount just a little bit. Let me tell you why you should not live in slow lane. ( who you slowlane stay in the slowlane).

Suppose you have a very bad accident, you will not be able to work for many months, then will the job that you have will stay only then. Suppose someone has got you depression, if you want to apply for 1 year, will you be able to get it, when you give your time for money, as soon as you stop doing your work, your money will also stop coming.

Once my friend said that independent days are going on, there is a shop getting free samosas, so that shop was 3 KM away, it takes half an hour to go there and he wanted me to go with him.

Now see this is a slow-lane mind set. He wants me to waste half an hour for my free samosas. Whereas I could do my work by eating samosas at the same place where I was after spending 10 to 15 rupees more. These are the biggest mistakes that people do.

Because they do not release how important their time is. He is always trying to save a couple of rupees. Because second are more important which they should save. ( second are more important than pennies ).

If you want to live a normal life and don’t want to become rich, then you should stay in slow-lane. But I am giving you third option.


Fastlane is the place where you can get rich very quickly. If you want to enjoy your life, then you have to live in Fastlane. Now you might be thinking that well let’s get on Fastlane.

Now I can’t tell you exactly how you can get on Fastlane. But I can tell you the mind set is what you need to get on Fastlane. So the first concern is that you have to create assets that will earn money for you even when you are sleeping.

So let’s say you made an app for the iPhone, then you’re going to be selling it for $0.99, so this is an asset for you. You have created an App once and people will keep buying it even when you are sleeping. You have bought a flat and given it on rent, so the rent will keep coming every month, whether you are awake or sleeping. This is the most important thing to get in the fast lane.

We are living in digital age. Nowadays there are so many ways to earn passive income online that you can earn money online sitting at home. I’ve been doing this for many months. I am not earning so much money that I have become very rich but I am earning enough that I can meet my own expenses.

This is where fast lane comes into play. Let’s say I’m earning $10000 a month but I’m on Slowlane and you’re earning $5000 a month and you’re on Fastlane. Yes, admit that I earn more than you, but I think a little that I will increase my income 10 times.

Because I’m on slowlane. I am getting salary every month, my salary will increase 10 times at once. But friend, you will be on the fast lane, you can easily increase your income 10 times if you do more work or start selling such a product. This is the special thing about Fastlane, if you do not understand which assets should be made, then I give some idea to all of you.


  • Create a YouTube channel. There is no Startup Charge for YouTube channel. It Can Make You a Millionaire Make videos you love. Will it be easy now? Not at all (IT’S NOT EASY) will be very difficult. Always remember one thing, if anything is worth getting, then you have to work hard.
  • Create Ebook on Kindle, One more thing you can do is to sell your Ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle. Amazon has a huge market for Ebooks. You can find all kinds of books in it, so you can write your own books too. No need to make very long books and you can put them on Kindle. If you are not a good writer, you can also hire someone who can write a book for you.

If you want to do this work or not, one thing is for sure that you have to give up hope that someone will come and help you. Use your own time properly, make your time your partner. Work on something you believe in. It is not easy and I can’t even guarantee you that you will be successful but if you want to become rich, if you want to bring expectation on this world, then you must come to this Millionaire’s Fastlane.

I hope all of you have liked this article very much, if you like then share with your friends and you tell us by commenting how you all liked this article.
Many thanks to all of you.

Kapil Panchal
Hello Guys, My Name is Kapil Panchal. I am a Blogger & Youtuber.I have a passion to write about latest News, Blogging Tips, Online Earning & Motivational Stories.


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