It is the Right Time to Boycott Aaj Tak..

Friends let me tell you that it is the right to time to “Boycott Aaz Tak” Let me clear you that.. Who made Aaj Tak no.1 for 18 years ?? You..Who is the first to run on Aaj Tak for any news ?? you..So who is to blame ?? ..You It is not that Aaj Tak has shown its true color for the first time. Till date, it is a...Read more

Pm Modi, remembers Arun Jaitley, the former Finance Minister..

Pm Modi said, we lost Arun Jaitley, on this day, I miss him a lot, he was my true friend. Arun Jaitley severed the people of India. His intelligence, legal acumen and great personality was a legendary. PM Modi added, he lost a valuable friend, on this day. Let me tell you that, Pm Modi was in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second leg of three nation visit, when...Read more

Who is the Owner of Internet? Let’s Know..

Many of you would have this question in mind that who is the owner of the Internet which we use Every day? After all, who owns the Internet? When you pay some amount to a company like, idea, airtel, jio, for data pack then a question does arrive in mind that to whom these companies does pay for my internet service.To understand this,We will first know how the internet works...Read more

World is Celebrating Photography Day on 19th August..

Today on 19th August, the world is celebrating World Photography Day. Photo not only helps you to understand the things of the world easily, but also makes it fun and friendly to read or understand a story or news with the help of visual effects. Since the arrival of mobiles, an average of 350 billions of photos are clicked daily with digital cameras worldwide. But very few people know the...Read more

How Chand Mia became Sai Baba.. full details

Most of the people in Hindu, do not know, who is SAI BABA ?. So Today, we are making it clear that who is SAI BABA, and how a person became SAI BABA from Chand Mia. Many people does believe that SAI BABA is a God, but this is completely false. There is no prof in history. Sai Baba (chand mia ) has not done anything great in his life....Read more

Rahul Gandhi’s career is based on fake news: Says Nadda

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Jagat Prakash Nadda attacked Karachi, accusing the interim president of the Congress Sonia Gandhi and former Congress president Rahul Gandhi of fabricating fabricated and false news and said that Rahul Gandhi’s career is based only on news. On Monday, Nadda took a dig at Rahul Gandhi, tweeting one after the other. He said that this happens when the ‘Prince of incompetence’ shares an article...Read more

How to Make Fake Aadhaar Card in 2 Minutes

When we feel bore and want to do some foolishness or just want to tease our friends then we need to do something. Making a fake ID proof is one of the best thing to tease and entertain your friends. Today, we are going to tell you how to make Fake ID Proofs , like fake Aadhar cards, voters cards, Pan card and much more. As we all know today,...Read more

Know the Cost of Helicopter and How to Buy it ?

If you have thought ever to buy a Helicopter then you must know the Cost of a Helicopter. You have seen Helicopter in movies and in t.v. You have even wished to roam in Helicopter or you have already roamed in Helicopter. But do you know what would be the cost of a Helicopter. Many times it happened that people do not see Helicopter and many people travelled everyday by...Read more

Mahendra Singh Dhoni said Goodbye to International Cricket..

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has said goodbye to international cricket. Dhoni has announced his retirement through official social media. Dhoni has already said goodbye to Test cricket. He shared a video, which featured Mukesh singing the song, ‘Main Pal Do Pal ka Shire hu,’ in the background. Dhoni has said goodbye to international cricket with this song. He played his last international match in July last year. India...Read more

Subhash Chandra Bose army “Azad Hind Fauj” 450 Soldiers record found..

On the Independence day, Azad Hind Fauj’s 450 soldiers record have been public. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose made this Fauj against Britisher to get freedom. These soldiers played a great role in the freedom of India. Till now 450 soldiers record found and the record will be send to government. The families of hundreds of freedom fighters in Haryana do not even know that their ancestors had ever fought for...Read more