CBI should inquire to doctors who did postmortem of Sushant Singh Rajput: said Subramanian Swamy

The case of the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput seems to get more complicated. In this case, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy has been raising his voice continuously. Subramanian Swamy said that the CBI should interrogate the person who did the postmortem of Sushant’s body. Swamy tweeted that the CBI should interrogate the 5 doctors of Dr. RC Cooper Hospital who did the postmortem of Sushant’s body. According to...Read more

Anti-CAA Protester Rahat Indori Died From Corona Virus..

An Anti- CAA Protester Rahat Indouri died of a heart attack on Tuesday. He was admitted to the Aurobindo Hospital in Indore on Monday after being corona positive. He also had a problem with sugar and heart. Earlier he prayed of bad health for Amit Shah, He prayed Amit Shah shoul not recover from covid-19. Rahat Indori has also taken part in Anti-CAA Protest. These kind of people earn from...Read more

Sri Krishna birth Anniversary will be Celebrated with Happiness amid the ban on entry of devotees in Krishan Nagari.

The Sri Krishna birth anniversary will be celebrated with great pomp in Mathura on Wednesday amid a ban on the entry of devotees into temples in view of the Corona virus epidemic. This will probably be the first time that devotees will not be able to see Shri Krishna on Janmashtami. Kapil Sharma, secretary of Sri Krishna Janmasthana Seva Sansthan, said that it was decided to comply with the guidelines...Read more

Planting Trees against Islam claim Pakistan People..

On Earth Day, People start to “Plant Trees”, Projest as it has many benefits on our life. Tree provide us fruit, air, oxygen, wood and much more. In India people worships trees. People over there are uprooting the trees on Earth Day and shouting as Planting Trees is against Islam.Pakistan already known as country of terriorist. Anyone can see clearly in the video as these people are behaving like wild...Read more

Pm Modi released fund of 17000 Crores under Kissan Samman Yojana

Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana: Pm Modi has released Rs 17000 Crore to 8.5 Crore Farmers. Under PM Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojana, Pm Modi has launched fianancial facility of Rs 1 trillion to support the farmers of India.Pm Modi has transferred Rs 17000 crores directly to bank accounts of 8.5 crore farmers. Pm Modi added in his statement, that there is no middlemen or commmission agent required, becuase the amount...Read more

How our money is looted in Private Hospitals..

Now a days, most of the people are suffering from some kind of illness in the world. To get the treatment for that illness. People walk to hospitals to consultant with doctors. As we talk about in India, People choose to go private hospitals rather than Government Hospitals, as Government hospitals are full of patient or Government doctors delay the process of treatment. Hence patient are left with only one...Read more

Know Amazing Facts About Google..

Today it is difficult to imagine the internet without Google because Google has become the biggest name in the world of internet. Even today, very few people know about it, so let me tell you that Google is a multinational public American company. It was invented or started by Two students name as Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Lets Know Amazing Facts about Google.. The best Search Engine in the...Read more

How to apply, Install Mobile Tower and Earn Money..

Complete information on how to get a mobile tower?How to get a mobile tower if the signal in your village is low or if the signal is not coming at all and you can get a tower from the tower company and to get tower you need to apply. After applying, the mobile tower installation company will send a team who will check your place. If your place is found...Read more

Is it Murder or Suicide? Actress Anupama Pathak Found Dead.

Is it Suicide or Murdder? As many death case has come within last six months. Now the Bhojpur Film actress Anupama Pathak found dead at her home in Mumbai. Police said on Friday. Anupama Pathak was a good actress in his acting. She is basically from from Bihar and has come to Mumbai. She had done many role in Bhojpuri films and she had taken part in many tv shows...Read more

How to do Paytm KYC at home: New Rule 2020

Today, We will explain you, How to do full KYC of PayTM sitting at home. The new way of 2020 If you also use the Paytm app for payment, now you have to do full KYC to take full advantage of it. KYC was not required when PayTM was launched. But according to the new rules of the government, if you make more money transactions, then you need to get...Read more