How to Drive Traffic to My Website: 50+ Traffic Tips

how to increase website traffic
how to increase website traffic

One question that is in the mind of every blogger is how to bring more traffic, if you have this question in your mind then read this post completely, in this you will get very interesting information to increase the traffic.

We work hard and put good posts in the blog, after that if we do not get good results, then there is disappointment, so let us know what are the ways to make our hard work reach as many people as possible.


I can say this with a claim that the methods I am about to tell you will definitely benefit you. Just follow them correctly –

ways to get traffic to your website:-

Let’s start and see what are the ways to increase traffic on your website.

Social Media:-

  1. Post on Quora:-

Create your account on the Quora website and complete your profile in which you must also provide the URL of your website. Now all you have to do is answer all the questions related to the topic of your website that have been asked on Quora.

If possible give a link to your article there. The thing to keep in mind here is that, you do not have to SPAM, otherwise you can be blocked from the site.

2. Share the article on facebook whatsapp twitter google plus

Share your article on facebook, whatsapp and on other social medias to get high traffic.

3. Create Facebook Page

If you have a website, then it is necessary to have a brand name and for that Facebook page is very important, so that whoever likes your website and wants to get information about new articles on Facebook, they will like your Facebook page. Will like

This will happen, whoever is following you on Facebook. Whenever you will put a new post on your website, then you will also share it on your Facebook page, then its information will reach directly to your followers.

4. Add your website link in Twitter profile:-

There is a place in our profile setting of Twitter to enter the URL, there you must enter the URL of your website so that if someone wants to visit your website from there, they can come by clicking directly.

5. Add url to Instagram as well:-

Instagram has also given a way to enter URL like tutor, there also you must enter your website link.

6. Enter your url in Skype Status

Whenever you login to skype, you must also put your website URL here so that if someone wants to contact you, they can also visit your website.

7. Verify Your Website in Pinterest:-

Pinterest is a very popular website, which we can call the social network website of the image, you must infidelity your website in it, it is also good from the point of view of SEO.

8. Create Podcast:-

You can also create a small podcast related to whatever product or website you have. In which you can also take advantage of it by giving a link to your website.

9. Put Video on Youtube:-

You must know what youtube is and how popular it is. You can put related videos from your website on youtube by creating your own channel. Do embed those videos in your post, it is also good from the point of view of SEO.

10. Share the images on a photo sharing site like Flickr:-

If you have made an image or taken a photo, then you can upload it on the image sharing website, so that if someone wants to use that image, then he will also give a link to your website in it as a source.

11. Add url to Vine profile:-

If you use Vine, then you must add your website url to its profile as well.

If you use Vine, then you must add your website url to its profile as well.

12. Add url to Linkedin Page:-

By entering the URL of your website in the Linkedin page, definitely complete it as well.

13. Add URL to GitHub Profile:-

If you are a developer, then you must create your account on GitHub and add the URL of your website there as well.

14. Add your URL on other social networking website as well:-

If you use any other social networking website apart from these social networking websites. Where the option to enter the website url has been given, then you must enter the URL of your website there as well.

It means to say that you put the URL of your website in as many places as possible, just keep in mind that do not do anything in such a way that it looks like it is doing fraud, doing SPAM.

15. Use Buffer:-

After you publish the post, you can use Buffer or IFTTT to share the post to all social networking websites at once. With the help of which you can share your post on all social networking websites simultaneously, this will save your time.

16. Share to Pinterest:-

If you use high quality images in your post, then share your post on Pinterest as well.

17. Share on Snapchat:-

Like other social networking sites, you can also take help of Snapchat to increase the traffic of your website.

18. Share on Instagram:-

You share the post on Instagram also, for this you share a good image and you must also give the post url in its description.

19. Share on Whatsapp:-

How can we forget WhatsApp, you must know that it is the most popular mobile app, but also you must share your post.

20. Create SlideShare:-

You can share online by making slides of your article and you can take advantage of it by putting your website’s url there.

21. Create Infographics:-

Infographics are preferred by most of the people because the information contained in it is explained with a graphic.
I have shared some infographics on HMH, you must see them too.

22. Add Share Button:-

It is very important to have a share button in your blog. If someone likes any information and wants to share it, then they can easily share it by clicking on the share button.

23. Tag People:-

By tagging people, I mean that if you are writing an article in which you have written about someone, then message him and tell him that you have written about him on your website so that he too can post that article on his website. Share with your followers so that you will also get the benefit.

24. Join Twitter Chat:-

You must have seen on Twitter, with the help of #Hastag, people chat on any topic, you can promote your website by being a part of chat related to your Topic.

25. Post in Yahoo Groups:-

You can also increase your website traffic by posting in Yahoo’s group.

26. Post to a Facebook Group:-

You can also increase traffic by sharing the post of your website in all the facebook groups related to your topic. Keep in mind here that the group in which sharing of posts is allowed, do the same, otherwise you can be removed from the group.

27. Create your own facebook group:-

By creating your own Facebook group, you can also create a great community on facebook, where everyone can connect together.

28. Post in Forums:-

You should also post in forums related to the topic of your website and if you have any questions, then you must also answer them.

29. Post on Reddit:-

Search subreddits related to your topic and post there as well.

A lot of traffic can be found from here, but according to me it is not very beneficial for Hindi users, still you can try and see. And if you can post then you get a high quality backlink.

30. Increase traffic with email:-

There is an option of Signature in your email. You must add your name as well as the URL of your website in it, so that whenever you send an email to someone, the URL of your website will also go.

31. Send Direct Email:-

You can also send direct email for your promotion but keep in mind that you do not have to SPAM (fake).

32. Advertise:-

This method will cost you money, but if you have a business that you want to promote, then you can invest a little. You can use Google Adwords, Facebook to advertise.

33. Create Business Cards:-

You must also make your business card, in which you give your information as well as your website information. So that whenever you meet a person, you can promote your website by giving your business card.

34. Sponsor:-

If any program is happening somewhere, then you can take its sponsorship by paying money, in which you will also be promoted.

35. Go To Meetups:-

In which field you are, if there is an event where other people are coming, then you must go there and share your website with those people.

36. Build an Email List:-

You must create an email list of your website so that people who want to follow your website on email can subscribe.

37. Giveaway:-

You can do Giveways to promote your website, in which you keep a price. You can tell people that if you share the website then they can win that price.

38. Give free product:-

You can also promote yourself by giving free products to your visitors. Just like you write an e-book and give it to your visitor to download it for free, in which you must also give the URL of your website, so that whenever someone rates that book, they click on the URL and come to ur website.

39. Interview:-

You can also promote your website by interviewing other people in your field. It will happen in the interview, the person you are interviewing will definitely share that post of yours with his follower.

40. Create Forum:-

If your website is on a topic on which people want to talk to each other, discuss on a topic, then you can create a forum for them.

41. Interview yourself:-

If you are an expert in any topic, then you should also give your interview to another website, due to which you will be promoted even more, and people will trust you more.

42. Comment:-

Comment on the other block as well, it will increase your image and people will trust you more.

43. Submit website to web directory:-

You must submit your website in online web directory, this also benefits the website.

44. Guest Post:-

You post a guest on another block related to your block, this will also give you Backlink and you will be able to convey your information to those who will be the audience of that blog, due to which they will also visit your blog and a connection will also be made with them.

45. Create Wikipedia page:-

You must know that Wikipedia is a very big website. So if a wikipedia page of your website is made in this, then our website can be greatly benefited by it. But it has some requirements and it is not that easy, we will learn about it later on how we can create a page on Wikipedia.

46. Sell your product with the help of Affiliates Marketing:-

If you have a product, then you can make its Affiliates program and with the help of it you can promote your product, which will also promote your website. You just have to pay some percentage commission from those who are promoting your product.

47. Do Internal Link:-

Whenever you write a new article, you must give the url of your old article wherever it is possible. The advantage of this is that your visitors will be able to read your old post easily by clicking on it and this will also reduce the bounce rate of your website.

48. Create App:-

You can also create an App to promote your website. So that whoever is your visitor, by installing it, will be able to stay in contact with your website.

49. Create an Online Course:-

If you are an expert in any topic, then you can also make a course for it.

50. Ask the reader what you want to read:-

You ask the visitors of your website what they want to read, it will happen that they will keep visiting your website regularly because they will get what they want. You can use Google Analytics to know how the interest of your website visit is high.

Do SEO of your post

51. Write SEO Title:-

To get the website ranked in the search engine, its title is very important, so write a good SEO friendly title.

52. SEO Friendly Images:-

The images that you use in your post must also be optimized and before adding the image to the post, it must also be renamed.

53. Use keywords correctly:-

Whenever you write a post on a topic, take care of its Keyword, use it properly in Title, Permalink, Paragraph, Image.

Closing Lines:-

Friends, hope you have liked this information and you must have got to know many such new points in it, with the help of which you can promote your website and increase visitors. How did you like this information and what are your suggestions or questions, you must tell by commenting.


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